'Jeopardy' has an interesting hockey superstition

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This week on Jeopardy!, they are re-airing the teen tournament -- the one where the winner gives the gutsiest/awesomest Final Jeopardy answer in the history of the show.

But first it gave us a chance to review this question (or is it answer?) from earlier in the tournament.

Obviously the answer (errr, question) is hockey. But huh? Is that really a sport-wide superstition?

Sure, there are some guys who feel that way, Phil Esposito is one of them. But it's not as if it's really that universal in hockey the same way that, say, shaving during the playoffs is bad luck. Or not taping your stick before big games. To many hockey people it's a bit of a revelation, not one they had heard of.

Is it way out there? No, you will find some people who recognize this as a superstition but it seems to be an older one, not one many subscribe to today.

Jeopardy!, teaching about superstitions one small one at a time.

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