Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn and Devils star P.K. Subban get engaged, share proposal story

Olympic skier and gold medalist Lindsey Vonn is engaged to New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban.

Their relationship, which began in early 2018, has been very public because of their celebrity, but Subban wanted to make the occasion special and chose to pop the question out of the spotlight.

The couple explained how it all happened in an interview with Vogue

Subban went to his favorite jeweler in Beverly Hills, California, to pick up the ring for Vonn. He went with an emerald ring, Vonn's birthstone and favorite color. 

"You know what? I'm just going to do it home," he said about popping the question. The only witness to the proposal were the couple's three dogs.

The 34-year-old wanted to make sure everything was perfect, including Vonn's outfit.

"I was worried because I knew she would want to be dressed up and not in her pajamas, and it just so happened she had a business meeting, so she was fully dressed up."

He said that everything came together perfectly that night, and it all ended according to plan with Vonn saying yes. Vonn did not see the proposal coming, despite how serious the couple's relationship is, because they "never talked about it or looked at rings."

As far as a timeline for the wedding, the couple has a lot going on right now. They are currently trying to move from New Jersey, as Subban was traded from the Nashville Predators to the Devils earlier this offseason.

"I just want to enjoy the moment and the engagement. We're not in a big hurry to get married. It kind of depends on his playing schedule, and when we have time to sit down and go through it," Vonn said. "I don't want to stress him out because he has a big season coming."

The couple has shared the news on Instagram and Twitter, each posting photos and videos celebrating the occasion and letting fans know the big news.

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