LIVE blog: Stanley Cup Final Game 2, Rangers vs. Kings

LA and New York return to the ice for Game 2. (Getty Images)
LA and New York return to the ice for Game 2. (Getty Images)

Kings 5, Rangers 4 (FINAL, 2OT)

9:34, 2nd OT: GOAL, KINGS! Dustin Brown gets the redirect on the Willie Mitchell shot and the Kings do it again, win in OT and take a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Final.

11:41, 2nd OT: Is exhaustion setting in some here? Game has lost a lot of flow in this OT with all sorts of icings and delays. You can't really blame the players at this point though, can you? Good thing they had two days' rest between the first two games.

14:36, 2nd OT: This game has hit a lull as the Rangers ice the puck three times in a row but we're back to hockeying again.

16:25, 2nd OT: There's Jonathan Quick for you. Rick Nash gets a very fast shot off that gives Quick trouble and then seconds later he makes another great stop to ensure this game keeps going. Let the fun continue.

20:00, 2nd OT: The game is back on. We can only hope this OT is as good as the last.

OT Intermission: Here's something you don't see often: Drew Doughty has been just about invisible in this game tonight. Despite playing a game-high 37:30 so far, he doesn't have a single shot on goal in this game and has only attemped one (it was blocked).

OT Intermission: Your stats after 80 minutes of hockey now. Update: Still very tight.

OT Intermission: That was so good, what do you say they do it again? The first overtime was everything you expect out of sudden-death OT in a Stanley Cup Final game, full of nervous but exciting action up and down. Neither team seemed to have a real advantage over the other but like most of the game, it was played pretty evenly, though if any team had an edge it was the Rangers but for probably the first period of this series so far, the OT was about the goalies as much as any else as both were good -- and obviously perfect. How can you not love the action that you're seeing tonight?

End of 1st OT: The Rangers get one more shot with a second to go but Derick Brassard's shot hits Quick on the opposite shoulder. Shots in the first OT were 8-6 in favor of New York and are now 38-37 LA in this game.

0:23, 1st OT: Rick Nash's best asset is his power on the puck and he just showed it off, getting by Jake Muzzin with some force and getting the puck to the net but Quick shuts it down.

3:40, 1st OT: Hockey! Chris Kreider gets a clean breakaway right off a faceoff but his shot on Quick goes wide. Seconds later the Kings kill the penalty. This is just insane .. and AWESOME!

4:17, 1st OT: The Kings get a glorious chance when Mike Richards sets up Dwight King all alone in the slot but he fires wide. The Kings look much more dangerous on this power play than New York.

5:33, 1st OT: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Jeff Carter gets called for slashing Henrik Lundqvist while chasing the puck on the forecheck. The more immediate concern though is Lundqvist, who goes down and is tended to by the trainers. He's OK and the Rangers will get two minutes on the power play. Lundqvist helped sell it some but very clearly that was a penalty.

6:36, 1st OT: Penalty Killed! Both teams survice the 90 seconds or so of power-play time to keep OT going back at even strength. Then right after we get to 5-on-5, Mats Zuccarello makes a great play to go behind the net and get some free space but with the top of the net open, he fires too high.

8:36, 1st OT: PENALTY, Kings. Justin Williams gets called for interference on Rick Nash, who did his best to sell the call. We know refs are much more likely to call a penalty to even it up in OT so we have 37 seconds of 4-on-4 before a potential Rangers PP. That's another way of saying "make-up call."

9:59, 1st OT: POWER PLAY, Kings! Oh boy, Dominic Moore turns in a battle along the boards in the offensive zone and his stick hits Jeff Carter right in the face for a clear high-sticking call. Referees usually swallow the whistle in overtime but they had to make that call. It could have been four minutes if Jeff Carter had any teeth in the front of his mouth.

12:07, 1st OT: PING! The Rangers get handed a gift by the Kings with a turnover right in front of Jonathan Quick but Chris Kreider's shot rings off the post.

14:53, 1st OT: That Rangers' fourth line has been so important all postseason and they just had another fantastic shift, keeping the puck in the LA offensive zone for almost a minute straight before LA and its top line is forced to ice the puck. Darryl Sutter uses his timeout.

19:38, 1st OT: Well, if the first 22 seconds are any indication, this overtime is going to be even better than most. Each team gets a chance in the first shift.

20:00, 1st OT: Sudden-death overtime in the Stanley Cup Final is on. Enjoy it, hockey fans.

OT Intermission: Here are the stats after 60 minutes in LA. Not hard to see why this game is tied.

OT Intermission: So we all had Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers losing a two-goal lead in a third period, right? Against the Kings, perhaps we should have. The first of LA's two goals will certainly be talked about for a while as it looked like Dwight King interfered with Lundqvist and the second one, well, the Rangers looked like chickens with their heads cut off in their own zone, scored by former Ranger Marian Gaborik. Once the lead was gone they actually looked to settle down and the Kings didn't have much to speak of in the final minutes but overtime will be a whole different game.

End of Regulation: And we go to overtime again. Shots through three periods are 32-29 in LA's favor after a fun third period. Overtime at the Stanley Cup Final is becoming a tradition unlike any other.

4:05, 3rd Period: We have a tie game, we have two teams even in shots with 29 each and we have just a couple minutes to go. If you have any friends that aren't watching, you should probably help them out and let them know.

8:27, 3rd Period: And breathe. The up-and-down hockey right now is exhausting, especially if you're a fan of either team. We get a break in the action, setting up what should be an eventful final few minutes (and possibly more?).

12:03, 3rd Period: What a great save from Quick to keep this game tied. After the goal New York has found some legs again and it leads to a golden chance right in front from Brad Richards -- literally two feet off the goal line -- but Quick uses his flexibility to make the pad save. This is amazing hockey right now.

12:24, 3rd Period: GOAL, KINGS! Unbelievably, LA has done it again. LA doesn't quit with the pressure on the forecheck. They get a little help when Ryan McDonagh gets twisted around and falls, leaving Marian Gaborik to take the puck and beat Lundqvist from in close. We have a tie game, just crazy.

13:06, 3rd Period: Buckle up, Rangers fans, this is going to be an intense final 13 minutes. The Kings are really starting to hem the Rangers into the offensive zone and after another long sequence, Alain Vigneault uses his timeout.

15:19, 3rd Period: Here's a look at that Dwight King goal. Certainly Ryan McDonagh helped him but you make the call (via @cjzero).

18:02, 3rd Period: GOAL, KINGS! The Kings get some extended offensive zone time and Justin Williams uses it to feed Matt Greene near the blue line. He creeps up and his shot ends up in the back of the net but boy oh boy did it look like Dwight King interfered with neirk Lundqvist. Making it sting that much more for New York: King gets the goal. If the Kings come back, you better believe that one will be discussed.

20:00, 3rd Period: Game on!

Intermission: The celebrity spotlight is always on in LA and for Game 2 it found Britney Spears and her very excited son.

Intermission: The statistics say this game is tight but there have been a few things making the difference so far for the Rangers; LA turnovers and the forecheck. Perhaps more impressive, though, was how in the second period the Rangers responded to LA's punches. We all knew the Kings would come back hard in the second when trailing by two but the Rangers didn't buckle, responding to each Kings goal with one of their own. This game has not been a masterpiece of clean hockey but sometimes that only helps it to become more entertaining. It's hard to imagine from here that Lundqvist will lose a two-goal lead with 20 minutes to play but these are the Kings we're talking about.

Intermission: What a fun period of hockey, four goals in that 20 minutes, two apiece. Shots in that period were 12-11 in New York's favor, brining the total to 22-20 on the night.

5:10, 2nd Period: GOAL, RANGERS! Whoa, Rangers get it right back. Derick Brassard crashes the net after Mats Zuccarello takes it away from Mitchell on the forecheck. That was just crazy, 11 seconds between goals.

5:21, 2nd Period: GOAL, KINGS! That power play was going nowhere for the first 100 seconds but in one last ditch on the PP the Kings get set up and from just about on the blue line, Willie Mitchell gets the shot on net and the goal. It might have been deflected by Dwight King.

7:17, 2nd Period: POWER PLAY, Kings! It really has been all Rangers since the goal but Mats Zuccarello takes a penalty for his hit on Dustin Brown and LA gets a chance they desperately need to get back in the game.

8:36, 2nd Period: GOAL, RANGERS! The Kings lose track of Martin St. Louis on the weak side but Derek Stepan doesn't. Chris Kreider makes the play at the blue line to get it to Stepan who then feeds it to St. Louis and he rips him the shot from down on the knee on the rush. Quick has little chance.

9:16, 2nd Period: POWER PLAY, Rangers! The always frustrating too-many men penalty is called against the Kings. The Rangers head to the man advantage, which is still looking for a breakthrough but has looked better and better.

10:54, 2nd Period: Penalty Killed! It's an eventful power play for LA but they get nothing to show for it except some shots on goal. Henrik Lundqvist made a couple of excellent saves; what else is new?

12:54, 2nd Period: POWER PLAY, Kings! Benoit Pouliot does what he does best ... take an offensive zone penalty for interference on Jonathan Quick.

14:47, 2nd Period: This kid appears to be into this hockey game.

15:35, 2nd Period: Penalty Killed! The Rangers have a much more dangerous look and get some shots off but still no goal on the power play yet in this series.

17:35, 2nd Period: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Derek Dorsett beats Matt Greene around the corner to get in on Jonathan Quick but Greene makes a desperate attempt to get the puck with his stick, instead tripping Dorsett.

18:14, 2nd Period: GOAL, KINGS! Here they go again, the Kings are alive. Things are a little crazy in the Rangers zone after a Brad Richards turnover and with Henrik Lundqvist scrambling and out of position, Jarret Stoll shoots a change-up that somehow gets by the Rangers defense and in the net.

20:00, 2nd Period: Game on! Even strength to start the second period.

Intermission: Here's a look at the first-period stats. Pretty close in most departments but the big one ... and pretty physical too.

Intermission: There was a lot of talk about the Rangers' speed coming into Game 2 as a key and rightfully so but the biggest thing the Rangers had going for them was the forecheck in the first period. Both goals they scored came from a strong forecheck (certainly their speed is a huge help there) that creates turnovers and goals from point shots. The second goal actually was going wide from McDonagh but hit Zuccarello and falls right down to his stick. The Kings clearly have no reason to panic, they've been down 2-0 in the past two games and won both of them but they have to be stronger on the puck before anything else. They were credited with nine giveaways in the first period, one from Matt Greene at the blue line led to the Rangers' second goal.

Intermission: That's it for the first period, quite the first period for the visiting Rangers. Shots in that period favored the Rangers 10-9.

1:14, 1st Period: GOAL, RANGERS! Hey look at that, the Rangers have a two-goal lead. Again it's the forecheck geoing to work and then Mats Zuccarello knocks down a Ryan McDonagh shot right at the edge of the net and easily puts it in the cage. Now the Kings have the Rangers right where they want them, right?

2:19, 1st Period: Darryl Sutter Face, perhaps he's reacting to Henrik Lundqvist's excellent glove save just now on Alec Martinez.

2:54, 1st Period: Penalty Killed! Well the power play was better from LA but that's not saying much. At least they possessed the puck in the zone most of the time and didn't give up any odd-man rushes. Progress.

4:54, 1st Period: POWER PLAY, Kings! Ryan McDonagh makes a bad play in the neutral zone with a cross-check on Dustin Brown. LA's power play was horrible in the first game, we'll see if it's any better tonight.

5:57, 1st Period: Making ice in LA in June is not easy and tonight it's showing. It's pretty choppy out there -- ask Justin Williams -- and slow. But no excuses for either, both teams are playing on the same ice.

9:12, 1st Period: GOAL, Rangers! For the second straight game, the Rangers take the lead. The Rangers do a great job on the forecheck as Dominic Moore takes the puck away and then feeds Ryan McDonagh from the point. He fires a blast that appeared to be deflected upward by a Kings player and goes over Quick, who was in his usual low position.

10:02, 1st Period: Penalty Killed! Well that was an exciting two minutes. Each team gets two shots on goal in the Rangers' power play that included a scramble in front of the Kings' net and Jonathan Quick but eventually LA gets the clear and the kill.

10:47, 1st Period: And breath Rangers fans, Girardi is back on the bench. Meanwhile, Lundqvist makes another excellent save while the Rangers are on the power play.

12:02, 1st Period: Meanwhile, bad news for the Rangers as Dan Girardi had to go to the dressing room after a big hit. Jeff Carter is back for LA already.

12:02, 1st Period: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Marian Gaborik is headed to the box for tripping. The physicality really picked up in the last couple of minutes with big hits galore, exactly the type of game LA would like to play. But Gaborik gets a little too physical and picks up the trip to go sit in the sin bin.

13:17, 1st Period: Justin Williams breakaway denied ... by himself! He was completely free on the break but he loses the puck on his own -- perhaps with an assist from the ice. Game has gotten a little sloppy/chaotic here.

14:20, 1st Period: The Kings were a little slow to start the game but they've picked it up here in the last couple of minutes with very strong neutral-zone play and the forecheck. Mike Richards had a great look on the side of the cage but can't beat Lundqvist. The King is on again.

16:25, 1st Period: Uh oh. Jeff Carter takes a big hit from Ryan McDonagh, the classic hip check, and is slow to get up and off the ice. Now he's on his way to the dressing room.

18:42, 1st Period: Already the Rangers' speed generates a good chance as they get an odd-man rush and a shot from Rick Nash but Jonathan Quick makes the save in the opening shift.

19:45, 1st Period: Meanwhile in New York ...

20:00, 1st Period: Pia Toscano back signing the anthem in LA and now it's game time!

Pregame, 7:22 ET: It will be top line vs. top line as the Kings counter with Marian Gaborik -Anze Kopitar-Dustin Brownand then Drew Doughty-Jake Muzzin on defense. Of course Jonathan Quick is in net.

Pregame, 7:20 ET: After starting his fourth line in Game 1, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault is going with his top line to open things in Game 2 with Chris Kreider-Derek Stepan-Rick Nash and Ryan McDonagh-Dan Girardi on defense.

Pregame, 7:18 ET: Now we have official word, Regehr is out on the official roster sheet, Matt Greene remains in the lineup. Meanwhile for the Rangers, Moore is back in the lineup after his suspension, replacing Raphael Diaz on the third pairing.

Pregame, 7:14 ET: How are they killing time in LA just waiting for the puck to drop? By showing the Belmont Stakes on the big screen. Spoiler to the fans in Staples: the Triple Crown quest has to wait even longer.

Pregame, 7:03 ET: While it looks like Moore will indeed be back, paired with Kevin Klein, Regehr isn't looking likely to make the lineup.

Pregame, 6:54 ET: Which six defensemen will each team go with in Game 2? We're still waiting to see. Both teams have seven D on the ice for warmups as John Moore's suspension is over for the Rangers and Robyn Regehr seems ready to return from injury. Chances are with both skating, both will be in but we'll see at game time.

Pregame, 6:51 ET: Game time is rapidly approaching. The Kings hit the ice for the pregame warmups.

Pregame, 6:48 ET: What should you look forward to for Game 2? Start with the Rangers' biggest asset; their speed. They need to take the chances when they present themselves to get going fast. Chris Peters addresses the issue for New York.

Pregame, 6:45 ET: Let's just say the atmosphere in LA is a touch unique as @KatieBakes shows.

Pregame, 6:40 ET: The game time is listed at 7 ET tonight but don't expect the puck to actually drop to the ice until 7:30 ET given the horse race on NBC, the same channel as the game.

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