LIVE blog: Stanley Cup Final Game 3, Kings at Rangers

New York is looking to get back into the series on home ice. (Getty Images)
New York is looking to get back into the series on home ice. (Getty Images)

Kings 3, Rangers 0 (Final)

0:00: 3rd: Even with the extra attacker the Rangers don't get a lot to show for it. They do get zone time but finding space against the Kings proves too difficult, the fact that LA didn't score is no solace at all. Now the Rangers have to win four in a row or their season is done. So basically, it's done.

4:21, 3rd: After an icing call on the Kings, Henrik Lundqvist makes his way to the bench. Desperation time for the Rangers.

8:57, 3rd: Penalty Killed! Still, just nothing going. Very quickly the Rangers' ineffectiveness on the power play is becoming a subplot not only in this game but the series.

10:07, 3rd: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Dustin Brown goes to the box for a slash but this is probably too little, too late.

12:02, 3rd: Penalty Killed! The Rangers actually get a flurry of chances short-handed but nobody scores. However just after the penalty expired, the Kings nearly had a goal as the puck appeared to sit right on the goal line before being cleared.

14:02, 3rd: POWER PLAY, Kings! Welp, here are two minutes you can pretty much kill off the clock for a Rangers goal. Chris Kreider shoves Drew Doughty from behind and right into Jonathan Quick for the penalty.

16:58, 3rd: Penalty Killed. Welp, so much for the Rangers using that to get going. They have very little happening on that power play and the energy in Madison Square Garden is completely gone.

18:58, 3rd: POWER PLAY, Rangers! The Kings are going to give the Rangers a shot to get back in this at least. Matt Greene is called for a trip on Mats Zuccarello, who was starting to get around the corner on the Kings defenseman.

19:53, 3rd: Before we can even say game on, the Rangers take the faceoff and Chris Kreider gets a mini breakaway but like usual, Jonathan Quick up to the task.

Intermission: Obviously the series can't end tonight but this has the feeling of the Rangers' season being on the line in this third period.

Intermission: What a period that was. After a smooth, quick-paced first period, the second was largely dominated by special teams plays. The Rangers went 0-for-4 on the man advantage in that period alone while the Kings converted on one of their attempts. It took until LA scored its second goal that the Rangers woke up and they ended up outshooting the Kings 17-8 in that period and now hold a 21-13 edge in the game. The score says this is a 3-0 game but it doesn't exactly feel like it; the Rangers aren't getting a single bounce to go their way while the Kings are getting everything to happen for them. But it's not all luck; the Rangers were sloppy at times and now that they're forced to push, they were caught up ice on Mike Richards' goal that gave LA 3-0 lead. With the way Quick is playing tonight, it's very hard to imagine the Rangers come back from this with just 20 minutes left.

0:16, 2nd: Penalty Killed! The Rangers get nowhere near the push they had on their last power play and are very quickly losing sight of the Kings in this game.

2:16, 2nd: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Right off a faceoff Jake Muzzin gets tied up with Derek Dorsett and is called for a trip. New York's power play has been very good the last couple of times but they desperately need to actually convert one.

2:46, 2nd: GOAL, KINGS! Is this one done? The Kings get a 2-on-1 with Mike Richards and Jarret Stoll against Ryan McDonagh and in a sight that it's just LA's night (and series), Richards' pass attempt deflects off McDonagh and right back to Richards who puts hom the shot with Lundqvist lunging the other way.

4:10, 2nd: Penalty Killed! That wasn't easy, the Rangers were dfending a lot on that power play and only contributed to the LA power play with some ghastly turnovers but they do survive. Henrik Lundqvist made one excellent save on a Jeff Carter one-timer from the slot.

6:10, 2nd: Penalty Rangers. With just three seconds left in the Rangers' man advantage, Carl Hagelin is called for a slash and goes to the box, meaning LA will have a chance to at least slow the Rangers' push right now. They've had 12 straight shots.

8:07, 2nd: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Drew Doughty takes one of the better penalties you'll see. Jonathan Quick was down and swimming when Rick Nash had the puck behind the net and was going for the wraparound attempt that almost assuredly would have gone in but Doughty pulled him down with a hook. The Rangers are awake.

9:47, 2nd: Penalty Killed! The Rangers didn't score but it wasn't for a lack of trying or chances. The Rangers show more jump in that two minutes than any other point in the game but Quick becomes LA's best penalty killer. The Rangers then have a glorious chance right after the penalty expire but Quick makes an absurd save. Crazy, crazy save. Yes, he knocked that puck out of mid-air with his stick (via @PeteBlackburn).

11:47, 2nd: POWER PLAY, Rangers! The Rangers show a lot of jump after the LA goal and the last few minutes haven't only continued at the great pace but the attempts picked up and the game started to go end-to-end at a bit more frantic pace. Then with the delayed call to Willie Mitchell -- his second penalty of the game -- the Rangers get a great look on a pass from beneath the net right to the crease but Jonathan Quick seals the post and gets the whistle. This is kind of an important moment for the Rangers. Just a little.

15:43, 2nd: GOAL, KINGS! This power play goes much better for the Kings. Jeff Carter was able to get parked right in front of Henrik Lundqvist and the shot from Jake Muzzin at the point bounces off Martin St. Louis then through Carter's legs in front of Lundqvist.

16:42, 2nd: POWER PLAY, Kings! Right after the Rangers kill the McDonagh penalty, Marc Staal goes to the box for another high-sticking infraction. The LA power play hasn't been very good in this series yet, which is the best news for the Rangers right now.

19:00, 2nd: POWER PLAY, Kings! Ryan McDonagh gives the Kings their first man advantage of the game.

20:00, 2nd: The second period is on!

Intermission: Some big names in attendance tonight, no surprise.

Intermission: The first period had an unbelievable pace, flying through 20 minutes in about 30 actual minutes, whistles few and far between. It looked like the Rangers were the team in slight control but the numbers were pretty even across the board. It appeared that the game was going to the intermission scoreless but then Jeff Carter beat the buzzer for the Kings. Talk about a deflating end to an otherwise good period for the Rangers.

19:59, 1st: GOAL, KINGS! Jeff Carter gets the scoring started with a literal buzzer-beater on a snipe from the slot on the rush. That is, remarkably, the first lead the Kings have had this series so far.

0:18, 1st: Penalty Killed! The Rangers again look pretty lost on the man advantage and for the eighth time in nine power plays, the Rangers get nothing.

2:18, 1st: POWER PLAY, Rangers! Willie Mitchell does enough to garner a rare first-period whistle with the high-sticking infraction. New York has been the better team, albeit slightly, in this period, this is a great chance to cement that.

3:48, 1st: Here's a look at that missed chance from Mats Zuccarello. It's tough to tell but looked like he hit the post. Quick with a heck of an effort regardless.

7:23, 1st: WHAT? The Rangers looked to have a tap-in goal but somehow, magically, that puck didn't go in. We're waiting to see the replay but the last few minutes are all Rangers.

8:59, 1st: Perhaps the best look from the Rangers so far comes off a hustle play from Martin St. Louis. He is first to the puck behind the LA net and throws it right out in front but no dice. There might not be a ton of shots/chances so far but the pace if quick with just four whistles so far. If there is an edge so far it's slightly in LA's favor. They are getting slightly better chances as the forecheck is successfully getting the puck deep while LA's shots are coming from distance.

12:20, 1st: The official shots aren't being posted right now by the league given the issues but so far it's pretty even and not a ton gettint through. Shots are about 3-2 in favor of LA.

16:03, 1st: So this could be a minor annoyance tonight. It's almost as if a Stanley Cup Final game hasn't been played in Madison Square Garden in 20 years.

20:00, 1st: And Game 3 is a go!

Pregame, 8:21 ET: Whether or not Robyn Regehr would play in Game 3 was another game-time decision and just as he did in LA for Game 2, Darryl Sutter is leaving the veteran defenseman out of the lineup, a scratch.

Pregame, 8:20 ET: Don Cherry's suit tonight is, well, it's a suit I guess.

Pregame, 8:04 ET: Dodgers star Yasiel Puig has a message for his fellow LA team. Related: Yasiel Puig is the best.

Pregame, 8 ET: Friendly reminder that tonight's game (and Game 4) are on NBCSN in the States, not NBC like the first two.

Pregame, 7:57 ET: Meanwhile, back in LA ...

Pregame, 7:53 ET: Fatigued? It looks like the Kings have plenty of energy for Game 3, getting physical in warmups..

Pregame, 7:46 ET: The teams are on the ice for the warmups, the Rangers in their classic blue sweaters.

Pregame, 7:45 ET: Like usual, the Rangers were playing some pregame soccer in the underbelly of Madison Square Garden but the ball got away. Enter maintenance!

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