LIVE blog: Stanley Cup Final Game 5, Rangers at Kings

LA is looking to close out the NHL season. (Getty Images)
LA is looking to close out the NHL season. (Getty Images)

Kings 3, Rangers 2 (FINAL)

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5:17, 2nd OT: GOAL KINGS! STANLEY CUP TO LA! Alec Martinez puts home the rebound and the Kings are Stanley Cup Champions!

7:53, 2nd OT: We are officialy into the history books. The Kings have been around since the 1960s so this is saying something.

9:58, 2nd OT: Here's a look at that Voynov play on the Nash shot. This is all that saved this game from being over for LA (via @cjzero).

10:41, 2nd OT: WHAT?!? Rick Nash has a net that couldn't possibly be more open but Slava Voynov gets his stick down and deflects it up and over the net. What a play by Voynov.

12:17, 2nd OT: Penalty Killed! It was not easy or without incident but the Kings finally get the kill in what was a thrilling power play. That shot from Dan Girardi that deflected about four times on the way to the net before glancing off Quick and then the post was the highlight.

12:48, 2nd OT: PING! It's the Rangers' turn to hit the post now as a shot gets by Quick but goes wide and off the outside of the post. This game, you guys.

14:17, 2nd OT: Power Play, Rangers! The first whistle of the second OT comes when Kyle Clifford hits Derek Dorsett from behind to go to the penalty box. This game has maintained the high pace here and now the Rangers' power play that has been very threatening in this game gets another chance.

19:13, 2nd OT: PING! The Kings hit the post AGAIN! Jeff Carter deflects a shot right off the pipe. So close yet still so far.

20:00, 2nd OT: Here we go again ...

Intermission: What a period of hockey that was. Both teams had a few Grade A chances and the goaltenders were up to all of them ... except the ones that hit the posts (one on each side). Shots in the OT ended up favoring LA but only slightly at 13-10. It was edge-of-your-seat hockey, the kind of excitement only the Stanley Cup playoffs can provide. At this point it's hard to imagine they can have the gas to play another period at that pace but let's hope they can.

Intermission: And somehow the OT period ends without a goal. That was one of the best 20 minutes of hockey you will ever see, especially given the stakes. So, let's do it again!

0:33, 1st OT: Chris Kreider breakaway ... no!

1:02, 1st OT: How has a puck not found the back of a net yet? The Rangers get the puck to the front of the net and then a crazy scramble ensues for a good 5-10 seconds with bodies all over and the puck hanging on the end of Quick's pads while he's in the split. Just wild.

3:08, 1st OT: After a brutally long shift, the Rangers finally are able to get fresh bodies off the ice with a dead puck and then they get out of the zone on the next faceoff. They were living very dangerously there.

4:26, 1st OT: Justin Williams nearly does it again! He gets two shots in from the crease on Lundqvist but the Rangers' best player is up to the task again. My goodness, this OT.

7:20, 1st OT: PING! We are even on the goal post saves in this overtime now as Tyler Toffoli goes top shelf on Lundqvist but his shot hits the crossbar and flys away.

8:37, 1st OT: The Kings get sloppy in their own zone and are caught breaking the zone a little early, leading to a Martin St. Louis shot from the slot but Jonathan Quick has his teammates' back.

9:51, 1st OT: My goodness. The Kings get an awful long shift in the New York zone but obviously we still play on. This overtime is as thrilling as hockey gets, if you have been trying to convince somebody that hockey is great, you should be showing them this game right now.

12:19, 1st OT: Finally we get a whistle and a chance to see a replay of that Ryan McDonagh shot but it definitely hit the post and not the net. That shot couldn't have been any closer to going in.

14:06, 1st OT: Penalty Killed! This is so frantic right now but eventually the Kings get teh kill and now they are on the attack. Best. Hockey. EVER!

15:15, 1st OT: PING! The Rangers come within a quarter of an inch of winning this one as a shot hits the far post, shoots back through the crease but stays out. Holy smokes.

16:06, 1st OT: Power Play, Rangers! This action, you guys, it's awesome! This game is going up and down and after the Rangers have a very near miss, Slava Voynov is sent to the box for a Rangers OT power play. Ooooh boy.

17:57, 1st OT: So far this looks like it picked up right where the third period left off. The Kings get a massive flurry to start overtime but Lundqvist makes a couple of excellent saves to keep his team alive.

20:00, 1st OT: And here ... we ... go!

Intermission: The LAPD is ready if the Kings score in overtime ...

Intermission: On a side note, that's three games in LA in this Stanley Cup Final and three times it has gone to overtime. Fans in California are getting their money's worth.

Intermission: That period felt a lot like the third in Game 4 but this time the Kings were able to get the equalizer. Rangers fans are going to be upset about the penalty call on Mats Zuccarello that set up the tying goal from Marian Gaborik and rightfully so but the Kings did dominate the period, outshooting the Rangers 12-3 to get this game evened up. The Rangers have to be happy to get the intermission break here because the Kings were just rolling that whole period, getting a break and time to adjust could be vital.

0:00, 3rd Period: We will have OOOOOOOvertime with the Cup on the line! The Kings get one shot attempt right before the buzzer but it goes wide to bring the period to an end in a tie. Take a break, enjoy intermission but come back for OT on this. Nothing beats an OT winner to clinch the Cup and we have the potential tonight.

4:49, 3rd Period: Dan Girardi, man, what a series to forget. He commits another brutal turnover in the Rangers zone, putting the puck on Jeff Carter's stick for a shot from the inside the dots but it sails just high on the net. It has been a nightmare for Girardi this series.

5:50, 3rd Period: Whoa, Justin Williams just missed the net on a shot from the slot. Weird, we know.

8:36, 3rd Period: Lord Stanley is in the house.

9:26, 3rd Period: After the tying goal this game has remained all Kings, they are smelling blood right now. Shots this period are now 9-1 ... it is starting to look like Game 4's third period after all.

11:20, 3rd Period: This is an excellent photo, just thought we'd share.

12:04, 3rd Period: GOAL, KINGS! Former Ranger Marian Gaborik gets to the front of the net to knock down a Drew Doughty shot and then put it in on the second chance between Lundqvist's legs. The Kings had that coming with the push they started a few minutes ago.

12:21, 3rd Period: Power Play, Kings! After a long time in the offensive zone even with a couple faceoffs, Mats Zuccarello gets called for a trip on Jake Muzzin at the blue line. LA is revved up now.

12:51, 3rd Period: SO CLOSE! The Kings fire a shot on Henrik Lundqvist that pops into the air and over his glove leading to a rebound attempt from Dustin Brown but he can't put it in. Then Anze Kopitar picks it up in the short slot but doesn't shoot, instead passing it back. And with that the Kings wake up and the Rangers use their timeout.

15:54, 3rd Period: Much better start to this third period than in Game 4 for the Rangers. They don't have a shot yet but the Kings only have one four minutes in.

20:00, 3rd Period: And here we go, either 20 minutes from the Stanley Cup being handed out, the series going back to New York or overtime.

Intermission: Your numbers after two periods. It's hard to believe that's all the Rangers have in the shots department but it's leading to quite the shooting percentage in this one.

Intermission: The Empire State Building lighting up to a Rangers goal is pretty awesome.

Intermission: Well how about that turn of the game in the second period? The Kings were completely in charge until the latter half of the period when New York turned the tide and then potted the go-ahead goal on the PK. This game turned on its head in a hurry and now the Rangers are right back where they were in Game 4, turning to Henrik Lundqvist to hold onto a lead in the final 20 minutes but hopefully for them they learned something from that game and won't go into a defensive shell. Lundqvist has been sharp obviously tonight but has been a bit off on rebound control, the chances should be there for LA if they are able to flip that switch again.

0:29, 2nd Period: GOAL, RANGERS! Carl Hagelin uses that speed to start the short-handed chance and he gets the puck up to Brian Boyle, who just roofs one on Jonathan Quick. What a terrific play from the Rangers PK and all of a sudden, they are in front. What a turn of events.

2:23, 2nd Period: Power Play, Kings! Dominic Moore, one of New York's top penalty killers, is going to the box for hooking. The Kings needed that as the Rangers were really starting to turn up the heat. Alfo, for the third time the Rangers commit an offensive-zone penalty tonight. Ouch.

3:17, 2nd Period: What a sequence. Jonathan Quick makes an adventure out of a puck behind the Kings net and it nearly results in a goal and then at the other end Kyle Clifford once again makes something happen with not one but two shots on a rush.

4:23, 2nd Period: GOAL, RANGERS! And there it is. The Rangers move the puck very well again and get a few shots off then eventually they get the Kings PK unit on the move, allowing Chris Kreider to get to the far post and redirect the cross-ice pass from Ryan McDonagh into the net.

5:53, 2nd Period: Power Play, Rangers! So this is a pretty key two minutes coming up after Dwight King is called for high-sticking Mats Zuccarello. The first power play had a lot of positives with the puck movement and some clear one-time chances.

6:32, 2nd Period: Note the shot attempts in this second period, Rangers need to pick up that ol' desperation level.

8:47, 2nd Period: There's some pressur for the Rangers and it comes from the fouth line again. Jonathan Quick manages to keep his lower body on the ice and stop Brian Boyle's shot from getting through with a big assist from Willie Mitchell.

9:59, 2nd Period: We're halfway through this game and right now the Rangers are losing touch with the Kings on the ice, if not on the scoreboard. The second period has been pretty much all LA and they now have 29 shot attempts to New York's 22. The good news for New York is Henrik Lundqvist is on again, the bad news is so is Jonathan Quick.

13:15, 2nd Period: A turnover by the Rangers leads to a Jarret Stoll chance right in the crease but Henrik Lundqvist makes the save and then Dwight King just misses on the rebound. The Kings have picked up their offensive attack once again, getting dangerously close to that second goal.

14:54, 2nd Period: The second period has started with teams alternating waves of attack on each other. The most recent one is LA's fourth line getting extended time in the O zone, Kyle Clifford was looking more like Pavel Datsyuk for a second there.

19:11, 2nd Period: Penalty Killed! The Rangers' power play ends with a whimper and we're back to even strength.

20:00, 2nd Period: Game is back on with the Rangers on the power play for another 49 seconds.

Intermission: The numbers after one period.

Intermission: I ... I don't even know what to say about Don Cherry tonight.

Intermission: If there were any doubts about the Kings' interest in closing out this series tonight, they were removed almost right away. Thanks in part to a poor penalty from Rick Nash in the opening minutes, the Kings put all the pressure on New York early and eventually it paid off with a Justin Williams goal in a scramble. After that New York really turned the tide and a game that started with the shots 6-0 in LA's favor became 6-6 before a late LA power play gave them a 7-6 edge after one period, though it did have the feel of a game with more shots than that. You certainly have to like the Rangers' response to the goal but Jonathan Quick was very good in the LA net and kept the lead for the Kings.

Intermission: One period is in the books with the Kings out front. The penalty to Pouliot is over so when the second period begins the Rangers will have 49 seconds more of power-play time.

1:12, 1st Period: Penalty, Drew Doughty! What a terrible penalty for Doughty to take. Behind the play after a Rangers clear, Doughty cross-checks Derek Stepan from behind to go into the box and bring the Kings power play to an end after 70 seconds.

2:26, 1st Period: Power Play, Kings! Benoit Pouliot does what he does best, create the offensive-zone penalty when he runs into Jonathan Quick -- of course, he was just outside the crease too so tough call there for Pouliot, probably not expecting Quick to be up that far. Quick loses his mask and is down for a minute but he gets up and shakes it off.

5:22, 1st Period: Certainly the Rangers have settled into this game since the Kings picked up the goal, becoming the team dictating and putting on the pressure. New York has evened up the shots. So far the pace is high as is the entertainment level.

10:11, 1st Period: Penalty Killed! The Rangers get some great puck movement and a few dangerous looks but a couple of one-timers with part of the net available miss the net. At least the Rangers got a two-minute reprieve from the Kings attack.

12:11, 1st Period: Power Play, Rangers! The Rangers finally get some offensive pressure and Martin St. Louis gets off a dangerous shot, their first of the game. Moments later Dustin Brown goes to the box for holding.

13:56, 1st Period: GOAL, KINGS! Justin Williams continue to have an awesome series by jamming a puck home in a scrum in front of the Rangers net. The puck leaks out of the crease and Williams is the only one who sees it and he puts it home back through the traffic. Can't put that on Lundqvist really, he stopped the first couple of Kings attempts before Williams.

16:16, 1st Period: Penalty Killed! The Kings get two shots on net including one that led to a great save by Henrik Lundqvist but they don't score. However it helped to only further excite the loud LA crowd.

18:16, 1st Period: Power Play, Kings! Rick Nash takes the always frustrating offensive-zone penalty, getting called for a hook on Jake Muzzin. Big chance for the Kings to strike early and perhaps play with the lead.

20:00, 1st Period: Game on!

Pregame, 8:21 ET: Yes, Staples Center is revved up for this game. a loud Go Kings Go! chant erupts just before Pia Toscano's rendition of the national anthem.

Pregame, 8:14 ET: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Pregame, 8:12 ET: The Kings are sticking with their top line of Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik to begin the game with the top pairing of Drew Doughty and Jake Muzzin on defense. Neither team is trotting out a different lineup than Game 4.

Pregame, 8:10 ET: A small change for the Rangers' lines, at least to start the game. Chris Kreider is opening Game 5 with Derek Stepan and Rick Nash instead of Carl Hagelin. Marc Staal and Anton Stralman, who is having quite the postseason, start on defense.

Pregame, 8 ET: Do you think Will Wheaton is excited? We think Will Wheaton is excited.

Pregame, 7:44 ET: Teams are on the ice for warmups, even if the fans aren't quite in the seats yet (it is just 4:44 in LA on Friday, after all).

Pregame, 7:41 ET: For some pregame reading, Mike Richter on part of what makes Henrik Lundqvist so good in elimination games.

Pregame, 7:40 ET: Alain Vigneault said he was ready to give the Rangers the speech from that Netflix commercial prior to Game 4 so of course this is happening for Game 5.

Pregame, 7:35 ET: The Rangers looking sharp on their way into Staples Centre. Of course Lundqvist always looks sharp so that's not quite fair.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Kings already know there's no place like home ice for a coronation.

They've got the chance to lift the Stanley Cup at Staples Center again when they host the New York Rangers in Game 5 of the finals on Friday night, giving the ultimate celebration to their long-suffering fans for the second time in three years.

Yet the Kings' memories of that night in June 2012 weren't a popular subject Thursday as they prepared for the chance to finish another draining, two-month postseason with one big party.

"It doesn't matter where you win the fourth," Jarret Stoll said at the Kings' training complex. "This time of year, it's all about the result."

With the weary poise of a team that has already been through three seven-game series this spring, the Kings insisted they're not bothered by their inability to finish a sweep in New York. Mike Richards and the Kings calmly flew home, grabbed a few hours of sleep and focused on a good start to Game 5, figuring it will lead to the big finish.

"It's not going to be easy, but confidence is there," Richards said. "If we play well, we think that we can have success. You don't make it to this point of the season without having confidence in your team."

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