LOOK: Gritty crashed a Philadelphia wedding and danced the night away in full hockey gear

The Philadelphia Flyers can be unpredictable in the worst kind of ways.

Their mascot is a different story.

No one's shown to be more unpredictable in just a few months of life than the walking Hot Cheeto that is Gritty, the Flyers' orange-furred, googly-eyed cheerleader. And yet all of Gritty's antics -- from his aerial entrance at the Wells Fargo Center to his dancing on "The Tonight Show" -- have given Philadelphia reason to cheer.

This week was no exception, as everyone's favorite twisted Muppet decided to crash a wedding.

As Mary Wagner documented on Twitter, Gritty apparently made a surprise appearance at a reception in the Northern Liberties neighborhood on Friday. Complete with a hockey helmet and a black Flyers uniform, the beloved character was all over the dance floor, beckoning guests to get groovy with him -- and inspiring a few birthday-party requests on social media.

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