Matt Murray didn't quite come away with the Conn Smythe Trophy for his efforts in the Pittsburgh Penguins' repeat Stanley Cup title in June, but it sure looks like he'll take home the prize for most staged Stanley Cup celebration.

Cup keeper Philip Pritchard, who has highlighted plenty of Murray's fellow 2016-17 Pens with the championship hardware this summer, finally showcased the Pittsburgh goalie via Twitter on Saturday, and everything looked just fine and dandy. (Update: The original tweet has since been deleted, but pictures have already been saved and resurfaced.)

Murray, per Pritchard, brought the Cup right into his own home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, filled it with popcorn and buckled up for a TV night with his girlfriend.

Matt Murray watches a TV that can't possibly be on. Philip Pritchard

The only problem? The TV, faced away from Pritchard's shot, isn't plugged in.

Twitter folk smelled something fishy rather quickly, as you might have guessed.