Kings forward Mike Richards got to spend his day with the Stanley Cup in which he took it with him fishing and had a parade in his hometown of Kenora, Ontario. That's wonderful and something he's going to remember for as long as he lives.

But more importantly, his day with the Cup brought the return of the mini-Stanley Cup and a dog eating from it! This is clearly what matters the most.

Like Anze Kopitar before him in Slovakia, Richards had breakfast out of the Stanley Cup to start his big day while one of his dogs ate right next to him from a mini Cup. Unfortunately there weren't enough mini Cups to go around and Richards' other dog had to settle for a regular old trophy.

If that's what being treated like a dog and eating like one means, well sign us up.

As mentioned, that wasn't all Richards did with the Cup. He also took it out on the Lake of the Woods for a little fishing expedition. We're not sure but we're guessing he didn't use the Cup to keep the fish in, too.

Ah, the life of a Stanley Cup champion in the summer ... and his dogs.