This was one confusing NHL preseason game. Reddit

The Dallas Stars and Florida Panthers played a neutral-site preseason game Sunday afternoon in London, Ontario. So, they were both technically "away." As a result, neither team brought their home darks on the road with them.

With neither team able to go into their regular home locker room and grab a change of jerseys, the game went on with both teams wearing their away white uniforms. The end result was a visual nightmare for anyone trying to figure out who was who and for the players to figure out which was the right white jersey to pass the puck to.

Here's the explanation of the mix-up via George Richards of the Miami Herald:

Apparently the Panthers thought Dallas was bringing its home sweaters since the two teams meet again Tuesday in Texas.

It only made sense for Florida to bring one set of jerseys on this road trip.

Dallas, however, was originally listed as the road team for Sunday's game and brought its road jerseys.


Here's what it looked like:

Not the ideal situation there. It's an unfortunate mistake, especially when these games are used to help determine which players are going to make the final roster. The game wasn't televised anywhere, but the coaches charged with breaking down the tape from this one might end up with a headache after straining to see which guys have red stripes and which have green.

The Stars won the game 2-1 in overtime.

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