If you've been following the P.K. Subban Summer Tour, you know the Nashville Predators defenseman has been busy.

His presence at Wimbledon this week made waves on social media, where he touted a full-bodied embrace of a life-sized Serena Williams poster, cracked jokes alongside Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic and grinned next to supermodel Lily Aldridge.

But somehow, some way, Subban wasn't done gracing the public eye when he left the tennis tournament.

No, instead, he made it to Soho Country Club in Moscow to reunite with former Montreal Canadiens teammate Andrei Markov for the latter's Russian wedding.

Cue the joke about an old flame being rekindled at Markov's wedding.

And just look at P.K. That's a guy with the smile to overcome anything -- jet lag, a Stanley Cup Final loss, the loss of his ex-Habs counterpart to marriage.

What's next?