LOOK: Penguins' Justin Schultz brings Stanley Cup for a Starbucks drink in Canada

The Pittsburgh Penguins aren't holding back as they tote the Stanley Cup, their second championship trophy in as many years, in celebration across the world.

And when we say they aren't holding back, we mean, of course, that they are going to Starbucks and requesting discounts for bringing their own cup -- er, Cup.

Or at least Justin Schultz is.

Not long after former teammate Chris Kunitz brought the trophy home, where he and his kids had breakfast out of the top of the Cup, the Penguins defenseman was spotted by Philip Pritchard, keeper of the Cup, at a Starbucks in Kelowna, British Columbia. This came after a visit with children at a local hospital.

No word on whether Schultz was granted the discount.

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