The Flyers went down in a chaotic ball of fire on Sunday, losing Game 6 to the Penguins on home ice, 8-5. The loss ended their season, and the hometown fans weren't pleased. 

As the final minute or so ticked off the clock at Wells Fargo Center, the fans in attendance grew increasingly annoyed with the fate of their team. They let it be known in classic Philadelphia fashion.

The Eagles' season ended with a parade. Villanova's season ended with a parade. And now the Flyers' season has also ended with a parade ... a parade of debris. 

Fans littered the ice with beers, towels and other garbage, and some didn't even wait for a break in play. They just chucked stuff while action was unfolding, forcing players to maneuver around it. It's unclear if they were mad at the officiating or the performance of their own team, but both were quite questionable, so it really could go either way.

In any case, Penguins players were clearly irked by the actions of the Philadelphia faithful, as evidenced by their reactions on the bench.

Following Bryan Rust's empty-net goal that all but sealed the Flyers' fate, things got worse and eventually the arena's PA guy, Lou Nolan, had to tell fans to stop. It's a job he's done before.

It was a very chaotic and obnoxious ending to a very chaotic and obnoxious series.