LOOK: Philly pub puts a Gritty sandwich on its menu, and you won't believe what's on it

The Philadelphia Phillies didn't make the MLB playoffs, the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles are just 2-2 and no one knows exactly what to think of the Philadelphia Flyers now that the NHL is back.

But Philadelphia has Gritty, and he's yet to be beaten.

If the Internet has proven one thing about the googly-eyed "Muppet" lookalike, it's that he won't go away. The big, orange monster has won fans and scarred children at a viral pace ever since he skated into the picture as the Flyers' new mascot. His early antics, from slipping on the ice to wielding a T-shirt gun, generated memes like no other.

And now, as we all expected, the Philadelphia restaurant scene is paying him tribute.

Urban Saloon, which serves burgers and beer just outside of Central City, recently spiced up its menu with "The Gritty," as NBC Sports Philadelphia's Travis Hughes documented on Twitter. And the $14 sandwich is about as Gritty as can be. Here's the mouth-watering menu description:

Crispy Cheeto-crusted chicken breast, melted cheddar cheese and cheddar ranch on a toasted brioche roll topped with Flamin' Hot Cheetos and choice of tots, fries or side salad.

If you don't think that sounds appetizing, just wait until you see what it looks like:

The funny thing is that before this sandwich existed, its description would've worked as a description of Gritty himself. Now, it's an actual thing you can pay $14 to eat. Hughes and others, of course, made it clear they personally wouldn't consume Urban Saloon's creation. But isn't that the kind of attitude that we all thought we had about Gritty, too?

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