The three major professional teams in Pittsburgh are always showing support for one another. During the Pittsburgh Penguins' run to the Stanley Cup, they've been getting a lot of love from members of the Steelers and Pirates throughout the postseason in a variety of ways.

Thursday night, the Penguins have their first shot to clinch the Stanley Cup, so Pirates manager Clint Hurdle set a new dress code for his team's day trip from Pittsburgh to Denver. The players could wear jeans on the flight, but it was also "strongly recommended" they all wear a Penguins jersey. So they did.

Hurdle himself probably had the best threads of them all, with an old school Mario Lemieux jersey on as he left Pittsburgh's PNC Park.

Andrew McCutchen was repping Evgeni Malkin.

David Freese, well, he was an interesting case. As he told Stephen J. Nesbitt of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he wasn't fully on board with the idea right away.

"I asked if I could wear a Blues jersey," Freese explained later, "and I got the look."

"He got beat down," Hurdle added.

Freese eventually reached a happy compromise. Pitcher Gerrit Cole loaned Freese his Ian Cole as Gerrit Cole will be left behind on the trip because he starts Friday in Pittsburgh. Ian Cole spent nearly five years with the Blues before being traded to the Penguins in March 2015.

Here's a look at what some of the other players wore. Sidney Crosby was obviously a popular choice among players.

The Pirates plan to watch Game 5 on their flight back from Denver.

Clint Hurdle had his team dressed all in Penguins gear for their flight to show their support ahead of Game 5. USATSI