LOOK: The New Jersey Devils are wearing their original red-and-green uniforms as throwbacks this season

The New Jersey Devils will have some heavenly throwbacks this season. 

The Devils on Tuesday announced plans to wear their original white, red and green uniforms as heritage (throwback) uniforms this season. The team will wear the uniforms four times at home in 2018-2019. 

It marks the first time in 26 years that the Devils will wear the uniform, which served as their original home look during their first season in New Jersey after moving from Colorado in 1982. They wore the jerseys for 10 years before switching to a red and black scheme (which they still employ) in 1992. 

The "Heritage" classification means that the uniform isn't technically an alternate uniform, so there could be another third jersey in the near future for the Devils. 

Here's more information on the classifications and what they mean, courtesy of SportsLogos.net:

The main difference between the two classifications deals with how often they can be worn and commitments to future seasons. A "heritage uniform" can only be worn a maximum of six times per season and can be scrapped after one year while a third or "alternate" uniform must be worn a dozen times and for at least three seasons.

Regardless of the classification, bringing back these classic beauties is probably the single best move the Devils have made this offseason. They're about to get that nostalgia money in Jersey.

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