LOOK: Sidney Crosby pictures grace the urinals at Flyers' Wells Fargo Center

There are usually quite a few potty mouths that go back and forth between Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers fans, but the latter took to the potties -- literally -- to show their disdain for their Metropolitan rivals on Sunday.

With the feisty Pens-Flyers rivalry in the City of Brotherly Love for Game 3 of the two sides' Stanley Cup playoff series this weekend, Philly faithful had the pleasure of using extra-decorated urinals in the Wells Fargo Center bathrooms -- urinals featuring pictures of Sidney Crosby.

As numerous fans pointed out on Twitter, every urinal at Wells Fargo seemed to tout a different printed picture of Crosby, each of them sure to be doused throughout the afternoon's first-round affair.

Nothing says hockey fandom like peeing on photographs, right?

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