Martin Brodeur: Sean Avery further embarrassed himself with dancing

Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery have some history. (Getty Images)
Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery have some history. (Getty Images)

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Even with Sean Avery out of the NHL for a few seasons now, the rivalry between he and his old nemesis Martin Brodeur rages on.

The two had some infamous moments in their careers against one another, mostly with Avery across the Hudson with the Rangers. None was more infamous than Avery's screen on Brodeur which led to an Avery goal later that shift (and a new rule). Let's just say there's some ill will there.

So when Avery was booted off Dancing With the Stars only two weeks into the hit show's season, Brodeur couldn't help but relish in it just a bit. From Randy J. Miller of

"I didn't watch -- I don't watch those shows -- but I was watching NHL Network and they mentioned it," Brodeur told

And his thoughts?

"What more could he do to embarrass himself?" Brodeur said with a chuckle. "There it is!"

That's impressive for somebody who didn't watch the show because Brodeur couldn't have been much more right about that whole embarrassing thing. I mean, just look at those hips and that determination on his face (via @Erinnicks).

From the looks of it, Brodeur is getting the last laugh in their old rivalry. Literally.


So maybe Brodeur wasn't going to get the last laugh after all. Avery obviously caught wind of Marty's comments and struck back on Twitter. Ouuuch. (The first tweet has since been deleted as you can tell but it lives on!)

Some things never die. Their rivalry apparently is one of those things.

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