Miroslav Satan may no longer be friends with Zdeno Chara after hit

Miroslav Satan  and Zdeno Chara used to be friends.

"Used to be" being the key words here.

In the eyes of Satan, the friendship that developed after years of playing in the NHL as fellow countrymen from Slovakia may be over. At least for now, after Chara caught him with two big hits last month in the KHL during the NHL lockout.

Czech TV announcer Roman Jedlicka translated a recent Satan interview with Nova Sports talking about the incidents.

From Jedlicka on Twitter:

The great friendship between Bruins forward Zdeno Chara and Miro Satan is over. Reason? Two huge hits from Chara in November, Satan is still injured. Satan: "Zdeno risked the health and life of someone who calls a good friend. I'm not saying he wanted intentionally to hurt me, but he knew that was me and that I didnt see him. Plate between the sixth and seventh vertebrae in my neck is displaced by 4.5 mms into the spinal canal. It took a bit and I may have been paralyzed.“

The hits can be seen in this video, with the biggest of the two starting at the 53-second mark:

Jedlicka added that Chara had tried to reach Satan over the phone but that he wasn't answering the calls.

The bizarre thing about this is that Satan seems to be of the belief that just because he's friends with somebody off the ice, they should take it easy on him during a game and not finish a check when the opportunity presents itself. Satan was skating through the neutral zone with his head down and clearly wasn't aware of his surroundings or who was on the ice against him. When you do that, sometimes you pay the price.

It didn't look like an illegal hit but simply one that had an unfortunate result.

Frankly, I'd have a lesser opinion of Chara as a player (or any player) if he did let up on somebody during a game because of their off-ice relationship. What happens between the lines stays between the lines.

Satan and Chara were teammates in Boston during the 2009-10 season, which was Satan's last appearance in the NHL. He scored nine goals to go with five assists in 38 games with the Bruins.

In 1,050 games, he scored 363 goals with the Oilers, Sabres, Islanders, Penguins and Bruins. We're still waiting for him to satisfy hockey fans everywhere by signing with the Devils to give us the greatest, most fitting jersey in hockey history.

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