New York City subway gets a makeover in support of the Rangers

Beats the usual rustic look. (Jesse Spector Instagram)

New York might be a baseball and basketball town first and foremost, but the city is getting into the hockey playoff spirit. No, unfortunately that doesn't mean mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to grow a beard. I don't think.

Instead the city's iconic (can I call it that?) subway is sporting a new paintjob to get behind the Rangers . That's an interior and exterior job; pretty sharp if I may say so.

Of course captain Ryan Callahan and Henrik Lundqvist get the primary billing (at least on this train). Fine choices, the both of them.

It's good to see the city doing something to support the Rangers too. They have a good following obviously, playing in such a large city, but there isn't much denying the Rangers play a backseat to a lot of the other sports shows in town. Of course, I'll always approve of any public display of support for a hockey team.

Now hopefully NYC didn't just put a big ol' hex on the Rangers. They're one point away from locking up the East's No. 1 seed and opening the East with either the Capitals or Sabres in all likelihood. Wouldn't it burn if the Caps were to knock the Rangers out right away in the playoffs like they did last Spring?

In the meantime, enjoy the fastest billboard you'll see.

And now, a little tour inside led by Mark Messier and friends.

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