New York station mixes up Devils with Islanders on newscast

Anything you can do, we can do worse.

Los Angeles' follies in reporting on the L.A. Kings this postseason have been well documented. They have routinely been confused for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA when showing their logo and/or their mascot. That's bad.

But I think WABC in New York has topped them.

On the news broadcast the station put up a graphic talking about the Stanley Cup Final. They correctly had the Kings -- the right logo to boot! -- on the graphic, they just had the wrong one for the Devils. Way wrong one.

Isles fans wish this graphic were correct. (Deadspin)

So not only did they get the wrong logo for the local team in the Stanley Cup Final, but the wrong team altogether. And the worst? They confused the Devils with the Islanders -- Islanders! -- of all teams. Because, you know, the Isles are a threat to get to the Final every year of late.

For those keeping score at home, ABC was the only one of the four major network news stations in L.A. to keep their coverage of the Kings clean. Each of CBS, NBC and Fox had some forgettable moment. But thanks to their friends in New York, ABC's image has been sullied too.

American newscasters, we need to have a little talk about the NHL. It is a sport's league and it is watched and followed by a lot of people in this country. Please, spend a day, a few hours even, on a weekend and get to know just a little bit about the sport, especially if you work in a market with a hockey team.

H/t to Deadspin

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