The Toronto Maple Leafs and other famous faces in the hockey community are showing support for an 11-year-old after no one shows up to celebrate his birthday. Kade was all ready to celebrate with a cake honoring his favorite team and a t-shirt to go with it, but his dad tweeted out that none of his friends showed up.

Jason Foster, Kade's dad, asked for support on Twitter, saying "If you have a minute, please send him a birthday wish." The post went viral and Kade is getting more best wishes than he could have ever imagined.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, people spread the message in hopes the tagged team would notice their young fan, and it worked.

The Maple Leafs gave Kade a shoutout and complimented his cake. 

Leafs star Mitchell Marner got in on the birthday messages and wished his "friend Kade" a happy birthday. He also added that the team has a special gift heading his way. 

John Tavares teased the surprise and said he looks forward to celebrating Kade's birthday with the rest of the team. 

He even got a birthday wish from (Lego) Batman. 

Kade will now get to celebrate with his favorite players for a proper 11th birthday. Maybe the internet isn't the worst place in the world after all.