NHL Draft: Hayden Hawkey leads 2014's best names

Michigan goalie Zachary Nagelvoort has a great game and name. (Getty Images)
Michigan's Zachary Nagelvoort has a great game and name. (Getty Images)

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When the 2014 NHL Draft began with a player with the name of Ekblad, we should have know it was going to be an amazing draft for names. When it starts with a guy who sounds like a contraption from Ghostbusters, it's a pretty good sign for what lies ahead.

It's pretty much an undeniable fact that hockey already has the best names in sports with the influx of players from Finland, Sweden, Russia and everywhere else, not to mention the great names here in North America.

All of the pundits said that 2014 was a down year for draft talent, pretty clearly they weren't referring to names. When sitting down to put together an all-name draft team the hard part was actually cutting it down to 10. We had to leave out guys named Elvis and any number of tremendous names. Quality, quality stuff from this draft.

10. Devon Toews, 108th to Islanders. Talk about having high expectations based on nothing more than a name. Toews isn't the most common name around but Blackhawks star Jonathan and the Islanders' pick don't appear to be related. Still, that's a tough name to be attached to from a perception standpoint.

9. Dakota Joshua, 128th to Toronto. I was talking about this one with our Chris Peters. I say Dakota Joshua sounds like a child actor from Nickelodeon who grew up to star in One Tree Hill. He says Dakota Joshua sounds like a crime fighter from the old west. Either way, sounds like we have a winner.

8. Beau Starret, 88th to Chicago. This just sounds like a stage name for an actor (or actress) doesn't it? We already have a Beau in hockey (Beau Bennett) so that's not entirely novel but put it together with the last name and, well, it's pretty darn good. This kid better become a star because there's so much potential. Or maybe he can just be dealt to the Stars. Either way works.

7. Dysin Mayo, 133rd to Arizona. This name has a lot to work with here. Even if it's not spelled the same way, we got Dysin at the front end, as in a vacuum and Mayo at the other. He's not the first Mayo in sports -- hello O.J. -- but just wait until somebody is called for holding Mayo in a game. We hope he reaches the NHL just for this potential.

6. Nikita Tryamkin, 66th to Vancouver/Ilya Sorokin, 78th to NYI. We're tying these two together because, well, they sound like Ryu from Street Fighter throwing one of those blue fireballs or whatever they were. No really, they do.

5. Julius Honka, 14th to Dallas. This shows you how seriously talented this draft was in terms of names that a guy named Honka is only checking in at fifth. The only first-rounder to make this list, Honka is going to be subject to an endless amount of Elvis puns -- "Honka, Honka burnin' love" -- and various other Honk variations. Indeed, we've been blessed with this name.

4. Zachary Nagelvoort, 111th to Edmonton. Fans of NCAA hockey should already be familiar with Nagelvoort as he minds the nets for the University of Michigan but that doesn't mean he doesn't make our lineup here. Nagelvoort is a high-quality Dutch name, something we don't have a lot of in hockey.

3. Axel Holmstrom, 196th to Detroit. This is just a bad-ass name. Axel? You know this guy is pretty tough and/or cool, there's some kind of rule that you have to be if Axel is your name. Then you get to the fact that there's another Holmstrom heading to Detroit. They had a pretty popular fellow for a long time in Hockeytown with that same surname and that worked out well for the Wings. Solid name all around on this one.

2. Hugo Fagerblom, 182nd to Florida. OK, so first off let's start with the obvious: A player named Hugo was drafted. That's pretty awesome on its own, especially for a Swedish goaltender. But that last name? Well, we're not even sure what to make of it other than it's awesome, but we're still wondering if it's something you'd buy at IKEA. That or it's some ride at a water park.

1. Hayden Hawkey, 177th to Montreal. It's highly possible that we will never see a better name in the history of hockey. The Calgary Flames can have Johnny Hockey and the Browns can have Johnny Football but only the Canadiens (for now) don't have to make one up, they already have Hayden Hawkey. It's so, so perfect. Hawkey may have been a late sixth-round talent but he's the No. 1 overall pick in our name draft.

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