Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Two
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Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind'Amour was unhappy following a call surrounding a Boston Bruins goal in Game 1 of their first round series. Brind'Amour challenged the play and the NHL ruled that the officials had gotten a different aspect of the play wrong. The Bruins ended up still getting the goal and received a power play in addition.

Brind'Amour criticized the officiating during his postgame press conference and it didn't take long for the league to take notice. Just a few hours later, the Hurricanes coach was fined $25,000 for his comments. In addition, the NHL informed Brind'Amour that he could receive another $25,000 fine "in the event of similar inappropriate behavior" over the next calendar year.

"This is why the league's a joke, in my opinion, on these things," Brind'Amour told the News & Observer after the game. "That one is a crime scene."

During the second period play, there was a scrum in front of the Hurricanes net in which it appeared that goalie Petr Mrazek had the puck covered with his glove. However, Bruins forward Anders Bjork jarred the puck free and teammate Charlie Coyle ended up scoring in a wide-open net.

The Hurricanes challenged the goal and argued that Nick Ritchie batted the puck towards Mrazek with an illegal hand pass. However, referee Chris Lee ruled that Mrazek possessed the puck, so the hand pass was a non-factor. With Lee ruling that Mrazek had control of the puck, it was basically admitting that there was a blown call when the officials didn't blow the whistle.

Brind'Amour had two different calls that he could've challenged on the play.

"They came to me, and I said, 'If he has possession of it then it's goalie interference. If he doesn't have possession then it's a hand pass. It's one of the two. I don't know what you're calling on the ice,'" Brind'Amour added. "All he has to do is tell me. 'We're calling it nonpossession (by Mrazek),' then we're challenging a glove-hand pass. If it's possession, then goaltender interference. I said, 'Tell me the call on the ice.' They wouldn't do it when I say, 'What is the call?' So I had to flip a coin. ...

"I said, 'What was the call on the ice?' and he said, 'You've got to call one or the other.' It should be so easy. If they said the goalie had it, then it's an easy call. They wouldn't tell you. It makes no sense. I know we weren't the better team, but if that goal doesn't go in, do we win that game? I don't know."

Brind'Amour seemed to be torn as to which call to challenge and wasn't provided with the information as to what the officials were ruling. Following the challenge, Carolina was given a bench penalty for delay of game.

When it was all said and done, the Bruins won Game 1, 4-3 in double overtime courtesy of a game-winning goal from Patrice Bergeron.