NHL lockout: Amnesty buyout talk reportedly finds way to negotiating table

NHLLockoutThe past few days have yieled a ton of talks between the NHL and NHLPA but little public discourse from them. The sides, probably wisely, have decided to clam up and not have grandstanding sessions with the media after every meeting. As a result, there has been a lot less information coming from those meetings.

But based on the simple fact that the two sides have talked for about 12 hours in the past two days, it's obvious they are really discussing some things, not just shooting the breeze. Naturally, it's hard to keep all of it under wraps.

That's where the New York Post's Larry Brooks comes in, delivering a few nuggets from Wednesday's meetings in New York. The most intriguing, at least to me, is the inclusion of the following, which has been missing altogether from these talks it seemed.

To that I say it's about time. The amnesty buyout conversation was thrown around a lot before the negotiations ever began. It was assumed it would be at least discussed, but there had been no mention of it for months. It was a shame because it seemed to make so much sense to include, and it could help solve the biggest problem of all at the same time.

Who knows if the amnesty talk will actually have any traction, but it's a good sign to see it being discussed -- it seems like it would be a welcome addition to the new CBA. The NBA included it and that worked out well.

That wasn't all that came out of the talks, according to Brooks.

If these reports are indeed true, than it all bodes well for the negotiations and would just add a little more to the rising sense of optimism. If there is some give on these items, which seem to be sticking points in the negotiations, it would be good news.

Without the leaders on both sides talking publicly, we can't know for sure if these indeed make up some of the goings on in New York. But it all sounds pretty good. Let's hope so.

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