NHL lockout: Another meeting goes nowhere; no future CBA talks scheduled yet

The NHL and NHLPA wrapped up two scheduled days of meetings on Thursday in New York City, holding a double session for the second consecutive day.

How'd it go? Just about the same as it has gone every other meeting the two sides have had in the past few months as they try to get a new CBA in place and end the lockout: pretty much nowhere. That's especially the case on the economic issues.

It's not much of a surprise that the economics were once again not discussed because they weren't on the agenda. Each side has been waiting for the other to make the next move, particularly the NHL waiting for the union to present another offer. Reportedly, that's close to happening.

In the meantime Steve Fehr -- the second in command of the union below his brother Donald -- reminded everybody that nothing is stopping the league from making another proposal, too.

True enough, but why can't both sides come to the table with another proposal? It's frustrating seeing the constant back-and-forth, they end up running in circles like a Benny Hill skit.

While the two sides are busy pointing fingers at each other, nothing is getting accomplished.

For his part, Steve Fehr more or less said you shouldn't read too much into that.

"We can resolve all the other issues in six hours if we got a deal on the major issues," Fehr said.

Well, that's good, at least comforting. What's not good, though, is we're going nowhere fast, even though the sides have all said they would work 24/7 to get a new deal done. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly clarified that a bit on Thursday. It's a bit conditional.

"Until we're tackling the main issues, I'm not sure what the urgency is to meet on a 24/7 basis," Daly said.

It remains astonishing that they don't see a sense of urgency when this most recent meeting took place on the same day the season was scheduled to begin. There is still a lot of time before the entire season is wiped out, but the goal shouldn't be to save the minimum of the season, it should be getting back as soon as they can.

Daly also took a little jab at the NHLPA in the fact that it took so long for the union to even come to the table to start negotiating.

After two days that seemed to produce nothing, we're back to where we were a week ago. There are no meetings planned for another bargaining session and they haven't inched any closer to getting this lockout out of here.

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