NHL lockout: Blues latest team to lay off employees, reduce hours

With every day that goes by in the lockout, more teams are faced with a grim future in the coming weeks and months of having to cut costs. Unfortunately, that can often mean job loss.

The St. Louis Blues are the latest team facing the reality of having to fire staff because of the lockout.

The Blues join the Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers in the firing department as they both have also trimmed staff. The Blues also join the NHL itself in reducing hours and pay for employees, so in St. Louis it's the double-whammy.

The Blues have not had the most stable ownership situation in recent years so it does make you wonder how the financial books look. Tom Stillman purchased the majority of the team from Dave Checketts earlier this year after Checketts tried to sell the team for nearly two years.

Whatever the reason, we're left with more collateral damage from the lockout. Once again there are people losing jobs and others having their work scaled back even though they have nothing to do with the dispute between the owners and the players.

There are many reasons to hope the lockout doesn't last long -- this is one of them. Hopefully teams that have laid off employees will re-hire them (if still available and willing) whenever the lockout is over.

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