NHL lockout: Fan explains how lockout ruined his business

We have heard about the people affected by the seemingly senseless NHL lockout, and we don't mean the players and owners. On the whole those people can survive months with significantly less income.

The residual effects go much further than that, to team personnel, arena staff, local restaurants and even sports memorabilia store owners. Without the local NHL team playing, it gets a little tougher to sell things like autographed Carey Price pictures.

It's one thing to view these people in abstract forms; it's another to see them in the flesh and put faces to the displaced. So here we present one of those struggling because of the lockout, an owner of a sports memorabilia store who has made money off the NHL but has also been forced to spend plenty to make any.

It comes across a bit unseemly to see him begging players and/or owners to throw some money into his account; that's until the end when he reveals he will have to close down his store at the end of the year if things don't improve. It still might not be the best approach, but the message stands. The lack of hockey is tough.

This is just another reminder how deep the lockout really cuts.

H/t to Reddit

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