NHL lockout: Mediators to talk to PA, might suggest another meeting

The return to mediation on Wednesday didn't seem to do a whole lot of good for the NHL lockout and the ongoing CBA talks. In fact, it didn't seem to do any good whatsoever.

The meetings came to a close without any further plans, but that doesn't mean the sides might not get right back on the horse on Thursday. From Darren Dreger of TSN:

Based on where everything stands, I'm going to guess there will not be a meeting on Thursday. If all reports are to be believed and the NHL's stance hasn't changed on its most recent offer and the take-it-or-leave-it approach, then I wouldn't think a deal is imminent.

The league has articulated that point.

Yup, the point has been made crystal clear. So the deal has to be taken as is, but the league might alter a thing or two on that deal. Sounds like pretty typical double-speak. Remember, the league has plenty of lawyers on its side.

At this point, let's just hurry up and get to the drop-dead date, which the NHL reportedly hasn't even considered yet. That seems like the only thing that will get results here.

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