NHL lockout: Odds on replacement players, cancelation of Winter Classic

The folks at Bovada have come out with another round of NHL lockout bets that cover everything from whether the league will resort to using replacement players (goodness gracious, we hope not) to the potential cancelation of the Winter Classic.

For all of your entertainment and recreational needs, here are the latest odds:

Will Replacement Players be used at any point in the 2012-2013 NHL Season?

Yes 15-1

Will the NHL cancel the 2012-13 Winter Classic?

Yes 1-1
No 4-7

Will the NHL cancel the 2012 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown on NBC?

Yes 4-7
No 1-1

Will Pat LaFontaine be part of a group that buys the New York Islanders before the 2013-14 Season?

Yes 3-1
No 1-5

Will the Edmonton Oilers and the city of Edmonton come to an agreement for a new arena in 2012?

Yes 3-2
No 1-2

Will the Edmonton Oilers move to Seattle before the 2013-14 season?

Yes 10-1

Will a player who played in the NHL last season lead the KHL in scoring?

Yes 3-2
No 1-2

Will a player who played in the NHL last season lead the AHL in scoring?

Yes 2-1
No 1-3

Will NHL players play at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi Russia?

Yes 1-3
No 2-1

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