NHL lockout: Oddsmaker lists season being canceled as the betting favorite

NHLLockoutThe latest odds are out on when the lockout might end, and if you're a hockey fan, you won't like what one particular oddsmaker says. The betting site Bovada now lists the season being canceled as the betting favorite.

Will the NHL cancel the 2012-2013 season?

Yes -200 (1-2)
No +150 (3-2)

It was a little more than two weeks ago when we last saw odds from Bovada. At that time, it posted odds that the season wold start before Nov. 2 at 2-1. (Odds against a Nov. 2 start were 1-3.) However, the odds were even money then that the season would begin on or before Jan. 1, so it does seem a little more pessimistic than before.

The timing of the release of these odds and the actual number is interesting. There seems to be a greater sense of optimism right now than at any other point in at least a month. The meeting over the weekend between NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and the NHLPA's lead counsel Steve Fehr seemed to spring forth hope.

Throwing out the customary line about not condoning betting and all (really, the lines are just fun and interesting to look at), I'd have to think the better bet would be on a season happening. I've been one of the more pessimistic people concerning the NHL labor negotiations, but even I haven't expected at any point that the entire season would be lost. The fact that it's still early November and we've already had the two sides pretty much agree that a 50/50 split will work leads you to believe a deal isn't that far away and that the season will not be canceled.

There's a lot of time to go. As Eric Macramalla pointed out today on the blog, there are probably still three months to go before the season is officially axed. That's a long time, especially considering we haven't even been locked out for two full months yet.

Of course, it must be remembered that oddsmakers come up with numbers to entice action on both sides of the bet. Still, it wouldn't upset me in the least to see the oddsmakers miss this one.

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