When Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman was slapped with a 20-game suspension for his January 2016 collision with NHL linesman Don Henderson, he received the second harshest penalty ever issued by the league for contact with an official.

But if Henderson gets his way, Wideman and the Flames could be coughing up even more.

Something to the tune of $10.25 million, to be exact.

According to reports from TSN and CTV News, as well as relaying of the information from Sporting News, Henderson filed a lawsuit against Wideman and the Flames on April 18, seeking general damages of $200,000, special damages "to pay for housekeeping, yard work and hospital expenses" of $50,000, not to mention damages for loss of income and future loss of income of $10 million.

The lawsuit stems from this infamous Jan. 27, 2016, collision, an apparent behind-the-back cross-checking move from Wideman after the Flames blueliner sustained a hard hit from a Nashville Predators opponent and was returning to his bench:

It's pretty clear from the video, reviewed extensively more than a year ago, that Wideman suffered big contact himself. The debate, however, will rage on about whether his skate back to the bench -- and the forceful blow to Henderson's backside along the way -- was delivered with ill intent or from a mere state of confusion. Common sense says that Wideman's progression from dazed victim to blatant bully does not add up.

From Rick Westhead, TSN's senior correspondent:

According to his lawsuit, Henderson suffered injuries to his head, neck back, shoulder, and right knee. He also allegedly suffered a concussion, pain, numbness and tingling in his right arm and hand, shock anxiety and depression, headaches and permanent and partial disability.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. No statements of defence have been filed. A Flames spokesperson did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment.