Watch Now: Golden Knights fend off the Capitals in a high-scoring Game 1 (1:23)

The Vegas Golden Knights kicked off their fourth and final series of the Stanley Cup playoffs on Monday, which means that we were all treated to yet another wacky, over-the-top, only-in-Vegas pregame ceremony. 

Those intro spectacles have become infamous across hockey this spring, and the Golden Knights have only gotten more ambitious and aggressive with them as the playoffs have gone on. I mean, they cut a fighter jet in half last round as they played the Winnipeg Jets.

With the Capitals on the other side of the Stanley Cup Final, many wondered what they'd go with to intimidate Washington. Fighting a bunch of U.S. presidents? Slicing the Capitol Building in half? Killing a Bald Eagle, perhaps?

No, they oddly went with a "Game of Thrones" themed LARPing showcase. 

Personally, I was a little disappointed by the lack of an emphatic finale to close out that wild spectacle, but maybe they just set the bar too high with the fighter jet explosion in the Western Final.

As you'd likely expect, this one still got the people talking...for better or for worse.

Regardless of your thoughts on the intro, following it up with Michael Buffer announcing the starting lineups was a pretty great touch.

And, yes, they eventually played a hockey game.