NHL Power Rankings: From Maple Leafs to Red Wings, the best thing going for each team so far

The 2018-19 NHL season is chugging along, and we've now had about two weeks of hockey to digest -- or regurgitate, depending on whether or not you follow the Detroit Red Wings.

Early on, we've had some contenders showcase their stuff -- the Toronto Maple Leafs are particularly promising with their juiced-up corps starring Auston Matthews, as expected. We've had some lowly clubs surprise with hot starts -- the Ottawa Senators aren't nearly as unwatchable as we predicted thanks to a ridiculous amount of shots on goal, but we'll see how long that lasts. And we've had some anticipated playoff candidates stumble out of the gate -- the Florida Panthers, a popular wild-card pick, entered this week without a win, and the San Jose Sharks, despite their all-world blue line, have been slow to gel.

It's all a pretty nice microcosm of two weeks in an NHL season, where teams can stack up points in a hurry.

This week, as we run through all 31 teams around the league, we've decided to stick to the positives (mostly). In the latest edition of NHL Power Rankings, we're not only shuffling the 2018-19 pecking order, which the Maple Leafs now sit atop, but also identifying the best thing that each and every club has going for it after about 14 days of regular-season action:

Biggest Movers
13 Canadiens
12 Golden Knights
1 Maple Leafs When Auston Matthews slows down, there will be plenty of guys who pick up the slack. 346-28
2 Predators Ryan Johansen is back. 147-29
3 Bruins Patrice! (And also: They apparently have some nice Tuukka Rask insurance.) 349-24
4 Hurricanes They're aggressive, and they don't plan on changing. 746-29
5 Devils They're collecting wins as fast as they can. (Seriously. This was supposed to be a year for regression, so a 3-0 start goes a long way.) 1131-41
6 Lightning Just check their roster. Get their scorers angry over a goal drought, and they light it up. 462-16
7 Ducks John Gibson. Hands down. --35-37
8 Avalanche This space should probably just say "Nathan MacKinnon" regardless of the question. 138-30
9 Capitals Alex Ovechkin, experience and the fact we're only a half-dozen games in. 648-26
10 Jets Their young talent. Cop-out? Perhaps, but nothing is more promising for their turnaround than their youth. 547-30
11 Stars That first line. How beautiful it is. 143-32
12 Blackhawks Lucky pucks and overtime periods. 436-34
13 Canadiens Just a man named Carey Price. 1344-30
14 Penguins Evgeni Malkin is on a tear, and Sidney Crosby is still on the team. 144-26
15 Flames Mike Smith can still be a whole lot better. 850-25
16 Sabres Conor Sheary has life outside of Pittsburgh. 133-39
17 Canucks They were able to muster three wins before Elias Pettersson went down. 1035-36
18 Sharks They have big names? (Seriously: There's plenty of time to gel.) 646-27
19 Blue Jackets Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky are playing for next year's contracts. 147-31
20 Kings You can pretty much only get better on offense. (Well, kind of.) 631-42
21 Islanders Mathew Barzal's upside. --48-27
22 Flyers They'll get James van Riemsdyk back some day. 337-37
23 Panthers Roberto Luongo shall return. 536-32
24 Blues The defense in front of streaky Jake Allen is at least doing its part most of the time. 245-28
25 Senators They're getting good practice with lots and lots and lots of shots. 529-47
26 Wild They can't possibly keep losing so many one-goal affairs. 237-36
27 Golden Knights They're doing just fine with possession of the puck. 1243-32
28 Oilers Connor McDavid. That's all. 335-38
29 Coyotes You can only get shut out so many times. 139-35
30 Rangers They've got just enough to make the rebuild appear competitive. 132-36
31 Red Wings Again: The empty seats will now be black instead of red. 232-40
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