Brock Boeser might have won All-Star Weekend, but the Tampa Bay Lightning are coming out of it back on top of the NHL.

Unlike the Boston Bruins, who showcased Brad Marchand over the weekend and are suddenly in position to challenge for the Atlantic Division with an envious points streak, the Lightning aren't resuming their schedule with some kind of epic win streak. But they are firmly back in first when it comes to the standings, and they deserve as much credit as anyone for besting the Nashville Predators -- and blowing out the Philadelphia Flyers -- to make that happen.

The Preds are among the NHL's five best teams as we approach February, and the Flyers have been no slouch against elite competition as of late, so we're giving credit where credit is due.

That's not to say Boston, Nashville, the St. Louis Blues and the Vegas Golden Knights can't keep pushing up the ranks as the trade deadline creeps closer, especially if someone gets bold and works the phones for a blockbuster. For now, however, bask in our latest edition of the NHL Power Rankings, where the Lightning (again) reign supreme and plenty of others vie for second-half playoff runs:

Biggest Movers
6 Ducks
6 Devils
1 Lightning Back in front where they belong, they're going to put on a show in the playoffs. 1 12-5-3
2 Golden Knights With Marc-Andre Fleury at full steam, they're still going to be tough to beat. 1 12-9-0
3 Bruins Holy smokes. Maybe they are a Cup contender. 1 11-7-0
4 Predators If their goalie duo holds up into the postseason, they have as good a shot as anyone to go the distance. 1 11-9-1
5 Jets Finland is going to like what it sees when it gets the Jets for two games next season. -- 10-8-4
6 Capitals Brett Connolly has been an underrated X-factor in Washington's offensive burst. -- 14-3-5
7 Blues Injuries haven't slowed them. Pick up the power play, and they have juice. 2 11-7-3
8 Stars Their M.O. is still score a ton or score just about none. 1 10-7-2
9 Maple Leafs Let's see how they tweak the blue line coming out of the break. 1 16-6-1
10 Avalanche Between Nathan MacKinnon and Erik Johnson, who said the Avs don't have talent? -- 11-6-1
11 Sharks You have to wonder if we'll ever see a normal Joe Thornton here again. -- 11-9-1
12 Flames Out goes Jaromir Jagr after a rough stretch of overtime losses. -- 13-4-5
13 Kings There's an air of disarray with this team, but their numbers still look good. 3 9-8-3
14 Penguins The defending champs are turning a corner at a good time. 4 10-7-5
15 Wild If only they could figure things out on the road. 2 14-6-1
16 Ducks Maybe it's too little, too late, but you can't ignore how they've overcome an early-season injury onslaught. 6 11-8-3
17 Flyers OK, so falling to the Lightning isn't detrimental, but their division isn't a cakewalk. 2 8-8-4
18 Blue Jackets Another decent team with a mediocre road record. 1 12-7-0
19 Rangers Interesting spot here in the Big Apple with the trade deadline looming. -- 13-4-3
20 Devils No signs of their spunky youth lately: They're 2-6-2 in their past 10. 6 9-6-4
21 Islanders As many have noted, their top six are on a historic scoring pace. 1 5-10-2
22 Blackhawks If Anthony Duclair can sustain his breakout, Chicago would be way better off. 1 7-12-2
23 Hurricanes Do they buy or sell at the deadline? It's time for a(nother) shakeup. -- 15-4-1
24 Oilers It's already fun to imagine just what this team is going to do to amend Connor McDavid's supporting cast in the offseason. -- 15-5-0
25 Red Wings Now it's a matter of weeding out the most valuable trade assets. -- 10-9-3
26 Canadiens The deadline's a good reminder that Jonathan Drouin has not easily replaced Alex Radulov. 1 6-16-2
27 Panthers At least we can watch Aleksander Barkov at the All-Star Skills Challenge. 1 14-4-3
28 Canucks Going scoreless against Buffalo should tell you they're far from where they want to be. -- 7-14-2
29 Senators Another disappointing encore for Guy Boucher's career, this season says change is on the way. -- 4-14-1
30 Sabres Phil Housley has to get this group back to fundamentals for 2018-19. 1 8-11-3
31 Coyotes Gary Bettman says they're not going anywhere anytime soon. (Arizona: Yay!) 1 5-15-2