The Stanley Cup Playoffs are right around the corner, and there's still quite a logjam atop the NHL standings.

On paper, the Nashville Predators are favorites to at least repeat as Western Conference champions thanks to their Presidents' Trophy run and a slew of prospective playoff matchups that are without the elite promise of, say, the 2016-17 Anaheim Ducks or Edmonton Oilers. So even with their recent string of losses, including an overtime defeat at the hands of the up-and-coming Winnipeg Jets, it should be no surprise that the Preds remain our No. 1 team in this week's edition of our Power Rankings.

And yet, as has become a common talking point in recent months, the top dog is far from alone in the hunt for NHL supremacy.

Our biggest riser this week, the Connor McDavid-fueled Oilers, aren't coming anywhere near the Stanley Cup this spring, but there's still plenty to like within our stagnant top five -- a group that, behind the Predators, features maybe this year's most talented and consistently dominant offense in the Tampa Bay Lightning, the grittiest and most resilient group in the Boston Bruins, the most promising youthful bunch in the Jets and the most surprisingly balanced club in the expansion Vegas Golden Knights.

Here, we sort through all 31 teams as the playoffs draw closer:

Biggest Movers
4 Oilers
3 Stars
1 Predators Not their cleanest week of the month, but they're still giving us tantalizing tastes of playoff hockey. Watch out for their depth. -- 27-14-4
2 Lightning Quietly, they've become even more dangerous than the Predators at home (27-8-2). -- 29-10-5
3 Bruins Theoretically, they should be able to beat anyone. This is a group that's played some of its best hockey amid injuries. -- 24-13-3
4 Jets Can they be this year's Predators, sneaking through the playoffs with gritty momentum? -- 17-16-7
5 Golden Knights Much of their fate could ride on whether the team's balance can outshine its lack of star power. -- 25-16-3
6 Maple Leafs There's a case to be made that they should be No. 5. Auston Matthews and Co. will be a major offensive threat. -- 26-10-3
7 Sharks Here's your weekly reminder that Evander Kane was a monumental deadline addition. 2 22-19-2
8 Capitals They've been beating up on the little guys lately, but momentum always helps. Alex Ovechkin is in for the postseason of his career (or needs to be). -- 23-12-9
9 Wild Will this be the year they conquer playoff woes? We're still not fully sold yet. 2 26-10-3
10 Penguins Anyone who likes exciting hockey should be pumped Sidney Crosby is back for another shot at the Cup. -- 27-10-7
11 Avalanche Who would've ever foreseen a potential Avs-Golden Knights playoff game? -- 31-8-3
12 Ducks Their once-daunting slow start leaves them well behind their rival Sharks entering the playoffs. -- 22-16-8
13 Blues Something tells us their blue line is still going to break down, but we also thought they were dead after deadline day. 2 26-12-5
14 Blue Jackets And here begins the list of teams who only kind of deserve their spot in the postseason. 1 19-21-1
15 Flyers Their 5-4 loss to Pittsburgh summed up the year so well: Teasingly potent, yet without enough satisfying results. 1 13-22-8
16 Devils If anyone has the Lightning's number for a potential playoff bout, it's the kids from Jersey. 3 15-22-5
17 Kings If they miss out, how long until L.A. realizes it could use a bigger shakeup than last year? 1 22-16-6
18 Panthers Bob Boughner may just save hockey in Florida. 1 30-9-5
19 Stars So maybe none of Ken Hitchcock's big acquisitions from the summer will even see the light of the playoffs to begin with. 3 22-16-2
20 Oilers One thing is for sure: Connor McDavid still works. 4 21-16-2
21 Rangers Easiest way to get a little late-year confidence: Play the Sabres. -- 28-13-4
22 Hurricanes Inevitably and inexplicably, they finish another year just on the brink of a wild card spot. -- 29-9-2
23 Flames Three goals in their last four games will tell you all you need to know. 3 20-13-6
24 Blackhawks Remember a year ago when they were obvious favorites against Nashville in the playoffs? 1 16-21-7
25 Islanders Josh Ho-Sang is happy about his future with the Islanders, but who else is? -- 15-15-6
26 Canadiens Their goal differential should have them even lower on the list. 1 8-27-7
27 Canucks And the countdown to another Sedin Bros. watch begins. 1 19-19-5
28 Red Wings Their 1-8-1 stretch has been a little better than it looks, if that's any consolation. 1 19-19-6
29 Senators And here come the calls for the Senators to hightail it out of Ottawa. Again. 3 13-20-4
30 Coyotes A big congrats to them for closing the year so strong they were guaranteed not to be last. -- 10-27-4
31 Sabres Cover your eyes, Sabres fans. Tampa Bay has the team topped by 133 points in goal differential. -- 13-22-7