NHL Rumors: Alexander Semin has $10 million-per-season offer from KHL

Alex Semin had 21 goals and 33 assists last season. (Getty Images)

When it comes to free agents, the only players that we're really waiting on to see where they will sign are Shane Doan and Alexander Semin. With Doan we knew all along we would have to wait a week-plus as he surveys the scene back in Phoenix. But Semin? Well we thought we just had to wait for the other big fish to sign but here we are still waiting a few days after Zach Parise went to Minnesota.

All along we knew that the KHL would be a threat for Semin's services and while Semin's American agent has maintained throughout that his agent wants to stay in the NHL, it isn't deterring KHL teams like CKSA Moscow. That's the team run by Sergei Fedorov that recently signed Alexander Radulov to a four-year contract worth roughly $9.2 million per season.

Well even after that CSKA still has plenty of money burning a whole in its pocket and is reportedly eyeing Semin, too. This from U.S.-based Slava Malamud of Sport-Express.

Digest that with however much salt you want since Malamud himself admits the reports aren't confirmed. But it is out there that Semin has been courted at least by a team in the KHL and it makes sense that it would be CSKA since it has plenty of resources at its disposal.

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If the deal is true, or even close to being true, it shows how serious Semin is about playing in the NHL as opposed to the KHL because we all know Semin isn't going to get anything hear that annual salary. He's probably looking at half that money from a team in the NHL and probably not even at that term yet he still hasn't hopped on the KHL offer.

There has been very little information coming out about teams interested in Semin. There have been plenty of reports of no interest, very few of some interest. For example, Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said he might be interested if on a very short-term deal.

Then there are the Detroit Red Wings, who have long been seen as a potential suitor and, ironically enough, were Fedorov's primary NHL team. According to at least one report from the Fourth Period, they are indeed interested in Semin after missing on Parise.

The Wings are one of the teams interested in signing free agent sniper Alexander Semin, who has received more calls in the last few days since Parise left the market.

Semin, who made $6.7 million this past season, is expected to command a salary in the $5.5 million to $6 million range, though it's unclear if there is a team interested and willing to sign him for more.

We're probably looking at a matter of Semin having to come to terms with the fact that he isn't going to get the kind of money he was hoping for. He made $6.7 million with the Capitals last season, a number which was guaranteed to come down. You can choose whatever reason you want for that -- I prefer to avoid the lazy stereotypes and instead focus on the declining statistics -- but it's going to hold true. Especially without demand, there won't be teams offering $7 million or so for Semin to sign.

At some point you wonder if Semin begins to think seriously about the KHL because you can guarantee the money will be better for him there, whether the $10 million per season report is accurate or not, it will still be good money to lure him back to Russia.

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