NHL rumors: Leafs GM: 'We'd be willing to trade Nazem Kadri'

Kadri has one more season at $2.9 million before becoming an RFA. (Getty Images)
Kadri has one more season at $2.9 million before becoming an RFA. (Getty Images)

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Somewhat curiously, the name of Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri made its way into the rumor mill earlier this season when it was suggested the Leafs would be willing to trade him.

That portion of the mill isn't going to stop spinning after Maple Leafs GM Dave Nonis made an appearance on TSN Radion in Toronto on Thursday. He talked about the potential of trades with a couple of the names that have been mentioned with Kadri of course being one of them.

So to be clear, he isn't looking to trade Kadri but he sure as heck would if the opportunity presented itself. Not exactly the biggest endorsement a player ever received from his general manager, now is it?

But in all fairness, Nonis said that Kadri isn't alone in this regard; they would consider a trade for pretty much anybody if it were the right deal.

That's fair, but it does come across that Nonis is more willing to trade Kadri than some of the other players. Now he'd still need the right deal -- which would most likely have to include a center in return -- but the willingness just might be higher.

Kadri has 11 goals and 16 assists in 45 games this season, a step or two behind the 44 poins in 48 games he had last season with the Maple Leafs. That said, he's young, still cheap (an RFA after next season) and has a lot of potential as a scoring center.

A lot of teams would likely love to have him. You'd think that would include the Leafs considering Kadri is the most effective member of the Leafs (excluding new addition Tim Gleason) in Corsi For percentage, which is a proxy for possession. He's not on the plus side but he's the closest thing the Leafs have to a plus-possession player.

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