NHL Rumors: Sabres need help at center, will have to look for trade partners

Roy is one of the centers for Regier entering the summer. (Getty Images)

It's more than fair to say this season was a disappointment for the Buffalo Sabres. They almost came back at the end of the season but it was a day late and a dollar short. Now this summer becomes about fixing the roster. And GM Darcy Regier knows where he wants to start.

Regier, speaking at a news conference this afternoon to announce the re-signing of defenseman Alexander Sulzer to a one-year deal, said a thin free agent market will lead to trade talk next month.

"The right center ice is a priority," Regier said in First Niagara Center. "The real unknown here is what the trade market will hold. Nothing has started. It doesn’t get started until after the playoffs. Teams begin to talk, and then it really builds as you go into the draft.

"It’s tough to know what will be available, but if we can find the right centerman it would help."

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Regier can hope all he wants but it's not easy trading for good centermen in the NHL. They are hard to find for a reason ... there aren't a lot of them. And the ones out there that the Sabres would want? Well teams aren't going to part with those guys very easily.

Even though he does play center you have to wonder how much Derek Roy is in their plans moving forward. His name was brought up a lot in trade talks at the deadline this season and he seems to be one of their movable assets. Roy is set to become a UFA after next season.

So as to the likelihood if something happening, at least substantial ...

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