NHL rumors: Teams still interested in signing Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas has only played for the Bruins in his NHL career so far. (USATSI)
Tim Thomas has only played for the Bruins in his NHL career so far. (USATSI)

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Since it was revealed that Tim Thomas told his agent he was interested in making a return to the NHL next season, it's been pretty much all quiet on the 'tender's front.

If you have been keeping score at home you would know that at this point there are hardly any teams still in the need for a No. 2 goalie, let alone a No. 1. A simple guess would say there's really nowhere left for Thomas to sign as noted by Al Muir of SI.

But hope is not lost yet for Thomas. According to Jimmy Murphy of ESPN Boston, there still is interest in Thomas but first things first.

Notice how Murphy says "teams" and not "a team." If true that is obviously good news for Thomas as it could help him fetch a better deal should push come to shove and he could choose whatever situation suits him best.

As for the dominoes, that's mostly related to cap space and not necessarily goalie dominoes. With the cap crunch on and a few quality free agents still left such as Mikhail Grabovski, money is an issue for just about every team in some shape or form this summer.

Not that I doubt Murphy's scoop, it's just hard to believe at this point there are multiple teams interested in Thomas' services. He hasn't played in more than a year and there just aren't very many teams at all in the market for a goalie right now, especially a relatively expensive goalie.

The question stands: Would you want your favorite team to risk a deal on Thomas?

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