NHL rumors: Will Teemu Selanne end career in KHL?

Could Teemu Selanne play in the KHL next year? (USATSI)
Could Teemu Selanne play in the KHL next year? (USATSI)

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Teemu Selanne may be in his last NHL season, but will it really be his last season of professional hockey? Possibly not, according to a report from SovSport’s Pavel Lysenkov.

Jokerit, one of the top clubs in Finland, will be joining the KHL next season. That just so happens to be the club that Selanne played for before coming to the NHL in 1992 and could be a potential landing spot if he wants to keep playing.

Puck Daddy’s Dmitry Chesnokov tracked down the report:

SovSport’s Pavel Lysenkov reports that a renowned Finnish hockey statistician Tomas Rachunas said, “We estimate that the probability of Teemu Selanne playing for Jokerit in the KHL at 20-30 percent.”

Selanne came from the Jokerit system and has good relationship with Jari Kurri, who will be the team’s general manager.

There’s no telling just how eager the 43-year-old Selanne is to play at home. Twenty to 30 percent doesn’t seem like great odds for Jokerit, but if there’s some sentimental value for Selanne, it wouldn’t be a bad place to wrap up his illustrious career. Heck, who knows if he’s really not going to come back for another go at the NHL next year with the Ducks.

Selanne is a national hero in Finland and perhaps there is some desire to give his countrymen one last glimpse of the Finnish Flash at home. At this point, however, it appears to be more speculation than anything else, even if the stars do seem to be aligning a little bit.

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