No Sam Adams for you: Pittsburgh bar puts freeze on Boston beer

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When it comes to beer, who do you love? If it's Sam Adams and you're visiting a certain Pittsburgh bar in the upcoming weeks, you won't be enjoying your favorite adult beverage.

The Pittsburgh bar Howlers is really getting into the Eastern Conference finals spirit by taking the Penguins' rivalry with Boston and the Bruins to their drink selection. Specifically, Sam Adams, or any other Boston beer (I'm not sure what that includes) will not be available for the duration of the series. They let their patrons know with this sign that made its way to imgur/Reddit.

So it's a safe bet that Penguins fans who prefer to drink their Summer Ale will be pulling for a sweep even more now than they were before. You don't get between a drinker and his/her beer.

To return the favor, I would expect some Boston bar to exclude Rolling Rock (Latrobe, Pa., is close enough to Pittsburgh) from their establishment as some form of retaliation, though I'm not sure Sam Adams vs. Rolling Rock is exactly apples to apples in popularity. But it's the gesture that counts. Civic pride!

S/t to Puck Daddy

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