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You know it's a bad night for your hockey team when the banter taking place between the announcers is more entertaining than the product on the ice. That was the level the Florida Panthers reached on Thursday night late in their blowout loss to the Winnipeg Jets.

With eight minutes to play in the third period and the Panthers trailing 7-2, the Fox Sports Florida announcing team of Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay spent several minutes discussing several Winnipeg fun facts, including its title of "Slurpee capital of the world" thanks to the 400,000 Slurpees the city sells per month.

Who knew?

This sequence is pretty amazing.

Not only because they came up with that many fun facts about Winnipeg and were able to distract viewers from the carnage taking place on the ice, but because around the 48-second mark Jets fans make it the perfect blowout seqeunce by starting to do the wave.

The discussion starts off focusing on Slurpees and why they're better in Canada (less air than the ones you get at 7-Eleven!), shifts to Winnie the Pooh and how he is actually from Winnipeg, and then drops the knowledge that Winnipeg actually has more sunshine in the winter than anywhere else in the world. Incredible stuff, and certainly better than focusing on the unholy things the Jets were doing to the Panthers on the ice.

At least Panthers fans have this going for them. It has been a rough year for them as the team has fallen down to the bottom of the NHL standings. But between distractions like this and the insanity that comes from Randy Moller on the radio side, they at least have something to keep them entertained while they patiently wait for the draft lottery.

(S/T SI Home Ice)