Panthers COO Michael Yormark takes on Devils fans on Twitter

If there has been one series in the first round of the playoffs that was missing that fighting attitude, it has been Florida vs. New Jersey. All the other series at one point or another had at least a questionable hit that was cuasing a stir. But Devils and Panthers? Well it's been pretty docile in comparison.

That was until the team's President and COO Michael Yormark announced the Panthers would no longer be selling plastic rats in their team store at the arena. Oh, and at the same time he blamed Devils fans for ruining the Panthers' fan fun.

Well thems fightin' words, Mr. Yormark. So naturally Devils fans started giving Yormark guff and, well, he took the bait.


First Yormark was chirped by being a called a moron for insinuating that Devils fans were the problem with the rat throwing in Florida. Here is their interaction.

That's a not-so-subtle suggestion from Yormark there.

But he got a little stronger as the mentions kept coming his way. Next up was his response to another Devils fan giving him grief.

Ouch, that's pretty hard now isn't it? But for the record, since Yormark tweeted this back at @LaurenAshley07, she has more than quadrupled her amount of followers on Twitter, approaching 300 and likely counting.

He wasn't done there, though. Next came a shot at Yormark about his brother, Brett, the CEO of the New Jersey Nets who just played their last game in Jersey before playing next season in Brooklyn.

Well then.

None of it seems very becoming of a team executive, that's for sure. And now we finally have some extra juice for what has been a somewhat entertaining series on the ice.

I was starting to get the feeling that if the Panthers advanced out of the first round, there might be a decent amount of fans out there getting behind their band wagon. A real underdog franchise this season with little to speak about in terms of succes in their history.

This might take away from that. I can't imagine that Yormark is winning over many fans this way, even from his own fans. But for a guy who tries his best to squeeze water out of a rock, I imagine that he subscribes to the any publicity is good publicity school of thought.

I would bet you this ... if the Devils do win the next two games and eliminate the Panthers, these won't be the last tweets that Yormark gets from Devils fans.

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