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The New York Rangers made a big move that made a lot of people happy ahead of the NHL trade deadline on Mar. 3. Patrick Kane, who remains on the Chicago Blackhawks, is not one of those happy people.

Following months of speculation that the Rangers would target Kane on the trade market, the team went out and acquired Vladimir Tarasenko from the St. Louis Blues on Thursday. That deal very likely means the Rangers are off the table as a possible destination for Kane. The Blackhawks star expressed some disappointment after Friday's morning skate.

"It's not like the happiest I've been to hear about a trade," Kane said, per NBC Sports Chicago. "I think the Rangers are a team that you definitely pay attention to and definitely are intrigued by, for obvious reasons."

Kane has a full no-move clause in his contract, which he would have to waive in order for the Blackhawks to finalize a deal. Kane said the Rangers were one of the teams he had his eye on with the trade deadline approaching.

"If things were going to happen, that was a team I was definitely looking at," Kane said. "It seems like they kind of filled their void and went ahead and made a deal, so it is what it is."

Kane has battled a hip injury this season, and is on pace for one of the least productive seasons of his career. According to Emily Kaplan of ESPN, the Rangers had some "concerns" about that hip, which could have caused them to pivot to Tarasenko.

Asked about that injury, Kane said it might be getting a little overblown.

"I'm not sure what the story is to be honest with you, but I feel better than I did last year," Kane said." It's just one of those things that maybe the story leaks out and it piles up a little bit."

Even without the Rangers in the market for a top-flight winger, there are still a number of contenders looking to swing for the fences ahead of the deadline. The Carolina Hurricanes, Vegas Golden Knights and Colorado Avalanche may want to load up before the postseason, but Kane would have to approve of those destinations first.