Phil Jackson prefers NHL playoffs to NBA: 'More fun, much more action'

Phil Jackson enjoys him some puck. (Getty Images)

Phil Jackson is a basketball guy through and through. He's the most accomplished coach the NBA has ever seen, winning 11 championships in his day. Of course it helps when you coach Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant.

This past season, though, the Zen Master spent the season at his retreat in Montana, enjoying life away from basketball. Instead of watching from courtside, he was watching from his home. Watching playoff hockey, that is.

In an interview with Andrea Kremer on HBO's Real Sports, Jackson talked about his television viewing habits this Spring.

"Watching the NBA; not that easy for me," Jackson said. "There's very little passing offense that goes on in the NBA anymore. Everything is off the dribble, on a screen roll, through the screen roll, so the innovation is very limited as far as what's going on. I find myself watching hockey playoffs before watching basketball playoff games."

"You'd watch the NHL playoffs over the NBA playoff games?" Kremer quizzically asked.

"Less commercials, more fun, much more action. Yeah."

There you have it. Phil Jackson finds hockey more exciting than the NBA. Feel free to start the Phil Jackson and the Triangle Offense to the Capitals. Alex Ovechkin could use Jackson's championship Midas touch.

After all, we know he's completely new to watching hockey. He enjoyed Team USA's upset of Canada in the 2010 Olympics and recognized the brilliance of Ryan Miller in that game. (Side note on this video, I love Ron Artest/Metta World Peace.)

Now, feel free to resume that hockey vs. basketball argument that you all ran with in this post earlier this week.

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