PHOTO: Bakersfield Condors to wear 'Seinfeld' puffy shirt jerseys

Oh, minor league hockey teams, how we love you and your zany promotions. The Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL have announced that the team will wear special jerseys for their game on Nov. 16 in honor of the 25th anniversary year of the first episode of the TV classic “Seinfeld.”

The jerseys are replicas of the infamous puffy shirt featured in Season 5, Episode 2 entitled, "The Puffy Shirt" of course. In the episode Jerry Seinfeld accidentally agrees to wear the disastrously goofy shirt on the Today Show.

It is one of the iconic moments from the show.

Here’s a look at the jerseys which also feature the Condors’ name spelled out in similar script as the Seinfeld title.


Now THAT’s a great lookin' jersey.

Not only will the Condors wear the puffy shirt jerseys, the names on the back of the jerseys won’t be their own, but that of characters from the show. The team has confirmed 20 character names for use in the game including:

Jerry, George, Kramer, Newman, Frank Costanza, Puddy, J. Peterman, Steinbrenner, Morty Seinfeld, Uncle Leo, Art Vandelay, Kenny Bania, Lloyd Braun, Jackie Chiles, Crazy Joe Davola, Mandelbaum, Bubble Boy, Keith Hernandez, Mickey Abbott, Assman

Also the jerseys will feature sponsors’ ads, only the sponsors are fictional companies from the show like Vendelay Industries and Kramerica.

Here’s more from the Condors on this spectacular night:

The jerseys will be auctioned off for charity.

There have been many great jersey nights in minor league hockey, and the Condors have been one of the greats in that department, but this might be the best of all.

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