PHOTO: Ben Bishop, Darren Pang hilariously swap goalie gear

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There are few pairs that better personify the change in goaltenders over the past 20 or so years in hockey than Darren Pang and Lightning goalie Ben Bishop. The juxtaposition of them is striking, to see a starting goalie from yesteryear with a starter from today.

The differences become even more clear when their equipment bags get mixed up. And much more hilarious.

Panger looks like a prematurely bald 13-year-old with Bishop's pads. Either that or it looks like he's standing behind the cutout of a hockey goalie with the head left off for the photo op. The pads come up to his belly button and the chest protector looks like a sweater Nana Pang would have knit.

Then for Bishop, well, let's just say no goalie would be willing to face NHL shots in gear that size. Those pads barely reach his knees and that chest protector leaves a little to be desired as far as coverage.

Nothing quite like a little prop comedy in an NHL dressing room to show the difference between then and now.

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