PHOTO: Braden Holtby's mask asks you to not feed the crazy eagle

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It's a guarantee that a Washington Capitals goaltender is going to have something that reflects America or the Nation's capital and its wealth of monuments on his mask. An eagle is always a good choice.

Braden Holtby's mask for this season is no different. OK, it's a little different because the eagle on his new mask looks psycho.

Thankfully it comes with the warning to "Please do not feed the animal" so you know not to give the cartoon polly any crackers even though it's really hungry as that saliva indicates. The metaphor here is that Holtby is an animal and the more you give him, the nastier he gets. That or it's just a cool image. Yea, probably just a cool image.

The other side doesn't have an eagle but instead has the padlock on the bird cage with the words "Anger Quarantine." So apparently Holtby is an angry guy. Could have fooled me, always seems clam and quiet in the locker room.

Holtby certainly has a different take on the usual themes, that's for sure. You should see plenty of this mask this season as Holtby figures to have the Capitals No. 1 job on lockdown going into the season. The young goalie has had a very strong start to his career and is on his way to becoming the constant in net the Caps have been looking for for years.

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