PHOTO: Cam Talbot could bring 'Ghostbusters' mask to Rangers

Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man would join Talbot in New York. (DaveArt)
Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man would join Talbot in New York. (

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With the New York Rangers waiving Martin Biron on Monday they need a backup goaltender. That leaves a pressing question for you, Glen Sather:

Who you gonna call? CAM TALBOT!

It's expected that the Rangers will dip into their AHL team in Hartford and pluck Talbot to be the backup to Henrik Lundqvist. If that's indeed what they do, he has an awesome mask ready to bring to New York with him that will fit in with the big city in more ways than one. Not only is it blue and red to match the team colors but it features New York's most famous supernatural villains of Ghostbusters fame.

From artist Dave Gunnarsson:

Watch out ... there are some really slimy ghosts on the move in NY city ... it's chaos all over!

Slime is dripping ... and even the Statue of Liberty is attacked by the slime she looks really afraid ... And the Stay Puff dude is walking down town ...

But hold on, rescue is on the way, the red lightning shots all over is the rescue team coming!

Yes, yes, and yes. That's simply fantastic. Especially the part where the old Rangers Statue of Liberty logo is being drenched in blue slime.

This mask was actually made in 2012 by Gunnarsson but hopefully since Talbot hasn't made his way up to the NHL before, he still has this mask sitting and ready to go because it's awesome. Even Egon would concur with that scientific conclusion.

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