PHOTO: Canadiens mascot Youppi! to pay up on Fallon bet

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It’s a sad day in Montreal as the Canadiens were eliminated by the New York Rangers in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final Thursday night. Perhaps no one is sadder than Youppi!, the beloved mascot for the Habs. For he now has to pay up on a bet his team’s Twitter account dragged him into.

Youppi!, the furry, ambiguous man-like thing that patrols Bell Centre, will have to wear a Rangers jersey around Montreal and get photographed at 10 different local landmarks to square up a bet the Habs made with Jimmy Fallon, host of "The Tonight Show." It was unclear if Youppi! signed off on this deal, but by the looks of things, he’s ready to face the music.

Poor, Youppi! No one with an exclamation point as part of his name should ever be this despondent.

Had the Habs won the series, Fallon, a native New Yorker, would have had to wear a Habs jersey during one of his monologues to open his show. Fallon and the Habs had quite the back and forth going on Twitter throughout the series, but ultimately, the popular TV host was victorious thanks to his Rangers closing out the series with a 1-0 win, and now poor Youppi! has to pay the piper.

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